Are silk scrunchies, towels, and pillowcases good for your hair? Here’s what I discovered

Are silk scrunchies, towels, and pillowcases good for your hair? Here’s what I discovered

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @slipsilkpillowcase

Wisdom comes with age — as does practicality, in my case. Let me explain: as a child, I was enamoured with the idea of a canopy bed. I wanted lavish drapes; a cushy mattress; and to be swaddled in 800 thread count sheets like that one fairy tale with princesses and peas. As the years went by, the fantasy was abolished in lieu of cold, hard pragmatism. At 25, I am in desperate need of wine-resistant sheets and orthopedic support bedding.

Are silk scrunchies, towels, and pillowcases good for your hair? Here’s what I discovered (фото 1)

Does that adequately explain my initial reluctance to embark upon this experiment? I should hope so. In the days leading up to the Great Silk Swap Out of 2020, I frantically googled if the material was machine-washable (yes), flame-retardant (yes), and sustainable (a big yes). And while the answers were reassuring, it did nothing to quieten the gremlin in my head. One of the levelheaded, penny-pinching variety, that is. Am I really going to splash out on natural protein fiber that could potentially have no effect on my tresses? Apparently so. The things I do for you, dear reader. My findings, below.

The hair

Not to brag, but my mane has been pretty cooperative during circuit-breaker. Maybe it's because I've sealed myself in my room, where the air-conditioning and dehumidifier have created a safe space for my hair to thrive. Or maybe it has more to do with the argan oil I've been slathering on. My weapon of choice: the Lucido-L Argan Rich Oil Smooth — it gives my dry, fine hair a glossy sheen without weighing it down. I'm not the glass half empty type, but let's just say I'll be pretty pissed if my Silk Swap Out negates my current efforts.


The silk scrunchie

Ah, also known as the hair tie of choice for VSCO girls everywhere. As someone with glossy, slick-straight hair (see the obvious humble brag there), I was a little worried that the silk would just slide through my hair. Thankfully, Slip has me covered with their wide range of size variants. I opted for the "Skinny", which promises to be gentle on my hair all while reducing annoying ridges caused by regular hair elastics.

The result

I did observe significantly reduced hair loss upon using this for a week. In fact, I derived a lot of joy from unwinding the silk from my hair and pulling it free to discover zero tangles or strands wrapped around the base. Also, no tension headaches! That probably has to do with the tight, gravity-defying elastics I've ditched. Consider me schooled, folks.

The silk towel

I'll be honest: as someone with a limited budget (read: broke), I decided to go with a silk T-shirt rather than buy a towel designed specifically to towel-dry your hair. Yes, I'm aware that will affect results a tad, but we're just going to have to handle the cards we've been dealt.

The result

Eh. Fundamentally, using a silk towel to dry your hair is less damaging than opting for a hair-dryer, for instance, but it's just so slow. I'd unwind my hair from its silk wrapping two hours later only to discover that it's still damp. Heck, maybe it's just me, but air-drying proves faster and just as beneficial.

The silk pillowcase

I'm told that other than reducing tangles, frizzing, and snagging, this bad boy is also great for your skin as the fiber doesn't absorb as much moisture as other materials. Colour me intrigued. My mother has one by Lilysilk, which I co-opted in the name of science.

The result

I wouldn't say I have any concrete results when it comes to the complexion aspect, but it definitely does make a difference to tresses. I didn't wake up with bedhead, and it appeared visibly softer and shiny. An added bonus: the smooth, cool surface is a godsend in this disastrous heat. I didn't have to wake up once to mess around with my air-conditioning controls. It's safe to say we have a winner, guys.