All about bangs maintenance and upkeep: Singapore hairstylists on the products, tips, and tricks to try on your fringe

All about bangs maintenance and upkeep: Singapore hairstylists on the products, tips, and tricks to try on your fringe

Bang for your buck

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @lalalalisa_m

A good haircut, as we all know, can make or break your appearance. Just ask Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and Kaia Gerber — aka the Hollywood set who have undergone major mane makeovers in 2019 to varying reactions. Still, none of them opted for the most controversial hairstyle choice of 'em all: bangs. Taken upon only by the most valiant of hair buffs, results often range from disastrous (Joe Keery) to dayum, girl (Dakota Johnson) depending on the cut, type, and length of the look.

As it turns out, the snip is just the first step towards a bangin' new look. According to many a professional, regular maintenance, upkeep, and grooming is the key to a good fringe, no matter if yours is of the side-swept, piecey, or feathery variety. So, what, pray tell, are the golden commandments when it comes to bangs maintenance and upkeep? We get top local hairstylists to dish the dirt, below.

What are the different styles of bangs?

"There is an infinite number of styles out there," says Kyle Shin, Chief Director Stylist of Apgujeong Hair Studio. "The trick is to opt for one that complements your face shape. For those with rounder faces, for instance, I'd say opt for 'airy' bangs that are longer at the sides and shorter in the middle to give the illusion of a smaller face."

Is there a specific style of bangs suited for everyone?

Not exactly, though Kengy Wee, Salon Manager of Juno Hair, recommends airy bangs for anyone hesitant to take the leap. "They add volume to locks, and tend to frame the face perfectly," she elaborates. "All in all, they're just a more flattering style as compared to the other types in the market."

What is the key to good bangs?

First things first: you have to select a style suitable for you. "The best way to do this is by finding a hairstylist you trust and getting a recommendation," Kyle advises. "It'll be good to inform them of your personal style and beauty habits as well, so they can suggest one that is well-matched for your lifestyle, too."

It also has a lot to do with the products you're using. "A volumising spray is essential for those with bangs," says Kengy. "Particularly when it comes to fine, limp hair. A matte, lightweight powder wax will also do a world of good. These come with a good hold to keep hair in place, but also don't leave bangs looking greasy or oily."

Kyle agrees — though he stresses that it's impossible to save bangs once they appear flat or oily. Not unless you have access to heat-styling tools, that is. "That's why I always say it's best to take the time out to style and set your bangs so that they last for as long as possible," he points out. "Bad bangs are close to impossible to salvage with just product alone." If you do happen to have access to a hairdryer, though, a quick fix is to tame bangs by running a rounded brush through hair, with the heat aimed in the direction you'd like hair to fall.

How do you maintain your bangs?

Regular trims every two to three weeks are non-negotiable. "Long bangs may be uncomfortable and irritate your eyes. They'll also become difficult to style properly and look messy," Kyle says. "If you're feeling adventurous, you may attempt to do it yourself, but that comes at the risk of ruining your own tresses. I'd say it's best to pop by the salon whenever your bangs grow out for a quick trim to keep your them in shape."

Kengy is on the same camp. On top of that, he recommends to keep hair masks away from your bangs. "Applying them on your fringe might cause it to appear stringy or oily as the product might be too rich. Also, make sure to keep your forehead clean at times, and keep makeup in the area to a minimum," he counsels. "Thick makeup tends to trap oil, which naturally leads to greasy bangs. Singapore's hot and humid weather doesn't help either."

What is the most important thing to know?

"For beautiful bangs, be sure to set them in a big roller and let it dry," Kyle says. "Hit it with a little hairspray to encourage it to stay in shape, and you're pretty much good to go."