A guide to growing back your overplucked eyebrows: How long it takes, the products to use and more

A guide to growing back your overplucked eyebrows: How long it takes, the products to use and more

Brow crisis

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It's everyone's worst nightmare. Okay — maybe we're overreacting, but be it that new beauty parlour that you're clearly not going to return to, or how you went a little too far with your little DIY plucking project, a case of overshaved brows is horrific enough to rival Halloween looks gone wrong. If you're staring in the mirror wondering how you're going to fix the upper half of your face that's actually visible even with your mask on, we're here to assure you that with just the right amount of product and nourishment, you'll be looking at a good grow-back within four to six months time.

And whilst this might still be way too long for some, there's definitely ways you're going to be able to cover the tragic mistake for a good while as you wait on those much-needed arches to show up in your life. Catch the whole guide below; from how long it takes for a fresh return to its au naturale state, to all the ways to nourish a healthier and faster grow-back.

Why are my eyebrows taking so long to grow?

According to the experts, your eyebrow growth may be taking a while to grow into its full shape for a couple of reasons — some of them you might not have much control over. The important thing to remember is that your brow hair is ultimately still, bodily hair. Just as some of us take longer to grow our locks back to a specific length, in the same way, some of our brow hairs will take longer to see the light of day.

Whilst extreme stress might be a typical cause for overshedding, and hence slower growth, your eyebrows may also be thinning or taking longer than the expected amount of time due to certain medical conditions like thyroid issues, anemia, or severe deficiencies in iron and Vitamin D. Nevertheless, these medical conditions will also likely present themselves in other symptoms, and you might be better off approaching a doctor if the concern is cause for worry.

The most common reason for brow loss however, is a sad case of over-plucking or over-waxing your eyebrows. The more external stress or pressure applied to the direct area, the more traumatized the eyebrows tend to be. This results in either a faster rate of thinning brows, or sometimes, you may even be unknowingly killing your own hair follicles so much so that the hair might never grow back.

Certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis may also affect hair growth. As eczema is essentially an inflammation of the skin that causes itching and irritation, it may result in an interference of proper hair growth, since your hair follicles are embedded in skin. Similarly, psoriasis causes red and painful patches to form on the dermal layer that might block hair follicles, and disrupt hair growth.

So, can brow hair really grow back? How?

Yes, it can. But it takes a load of patience. Like we mentioned before, the average growth period lies between four to six months, but this means that for some, this period may be significantly shorter, or in some worse cases, longer.

First things first — leave out the tweezers. You're not going to want to be touching this for a while, because your brows need the rest. Like the rest of our body, it has a natural healing progression and you're going to have to trust the process. If you do need to do some regular trimming, consider using the appropriate scissors to help keep it under control and maintain the brow shape you're used to.

When it comes down to growing back those arches, certain products such as growth serums or brow conditioners might be useful in stimulating hair follicle health and growth, but the experts advise that whilst they might be able to help accelerate the process, they must be applied regularly enough, for one to start noticing reasonable results, and of course, they're not a surefire way of getting your brows to grow back the way you want them to. Should you feel the desire to get in on as much product-help as you can, we've compiled a couple of these brow enhancing products, below.

Meanwhile, what should I do?

Makeup till you make it

But whilst you're waiting for those arcs to grow back, that doesn't mean you're going to have to lock yourself up in your rooms, never to be seen for this ultimate brow grow-back period. After, most of us have never really been blessed with Cara Delevigne-standard brows, and are pretty used to using our fair share of makeup to fill in our brows. From eyebrow pencils and brow mascara, to brow pomades, there's always more-than-reliable means to make sure your brows stay looking defined despite the natural hair loss. Below, cast your gaze over our favourite picks to utilise on those arcs, since we're waiting anyway.

Sport a new hairstyle

This may be a little more unconventional, but sporting a new fringe or set of bangs might help you build up your confidence and self-esteem, especially if you're feeling out of it due to your slow grow- back. With a fringe or bangs on your forehead, your brows would be more or less concealed from the regular eye anyway, and it'll be that much more comforting knowing that your thinning brows are well hidden behind a curtain of your own hair.


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