5 things you never realised about hair thinning

5 things you never realised about hair thinning

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Text: Renée Batchelor

More and more people are suffering from thinning hair, and are realising that the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. We find out more from the experts at Kérastase

If you've never even stopped to think about your hair, lucky you. For the rest of us, thinning hair — individual hair strands that are thinner, as well as an overall drop in the amount of hair — is a serious problem that worsens as we age. It seems our destiny is to be born bald, and probably end up bald. But there are things we can do to arrest the problem.

Kérastase has been hard at work, and with its new discoveries, it has upgraded it Densifique range of products. The brand studied new discoveries in follicle biology and introduced glycobiology — the study of glycans — which has been awarded seven Nobel Prizes. After a whopping 100 years of research, scientists have discovered a direct link between the concentration of glycans in the dermal papilla and the hair fibre's diameter. Why does our hair diameter thin over time? As we age, the concentration and quality of glycans can be reduced, thus having a direct effect on the strength and vitality of hair. Check out these important facts about our hair and scalp and how you can improve the condition of both.

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Like the soil in which a plant grows, your scalp health is tantamount to hair health. Says June Ng, director of J's Salon,  "The scalp houses three crucial biological functions — hair growth, hair strength and hair colour, and is the guardian of a precious organ — the hair follicle. If you want to have healthy hair, you must first take care of the scalp." If your scalp is in a poor condition, such as if is full of clogged and oily pores, it make it difficult for new, healthy hair follicles to emerge.

If you hair seems thinner and less voluminous over time, you're not imagining things. Hair does thin as we age. The good news? Certain ingredients found in the Densifique range, such as stemoxydine (a patented molecule that stimulates dormant hair follicles) and the glycan complex have been proven to work on hair density. "Many of my clients ask for more volume; it's one of the most common requests for men and for women and not just for people suffering from hair thinning. Stemoxydine has showed outstanding results and the new formula with glycan complex promises a denser, thicker hair mass," says Gary Chew, founder and director of Salon Vim. 

Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité Bodifying Shampoo
The last thing you want to do is self-diagnose your scalp. Lacking in the right tools, making a good assessment is not possible. We headed to Salon Vim for a pre-treatment diagnosis under a very clear microscope, and the results weren't all that pretty. Still it's important to know what you're up against. Whether it is an inflamed, oily scalp, or thinning in certain areas, like the front of the head, having a proper diagnosis will let you have a clear idea of your scalp condition. "A good consultation is the first step; this is where a professional can determine the specific hair and scalp needs in order to create the perfect style for each unique individual," says Chew.

If like us, hair loss centres seem too scary or clinical, you can always try an in-salon experience. At Salon Vim, we tried the Densifique ritual and found to our surprise, that a therapeutic treatment could be luxurious and relaxing as well. After diagnosis, our 
hair was washed with the Bain Densité Bodifying Shampoo to add texture, body and resilience to tresses. Our scalp was then prepped with a concentrate, before the hair was given a freshly-fused Fusio-Dose treatment. This particular treatment combined the Concentré Densifique with the Densifying Booster — reconstructing the hair with pro-calcium and arginine for instant density.

The final step was the application of the Masque Densité Replenishing Mask for deep nourishment. To address thinning hair, a dose of Densifique Femme Cure was gently massaged onto our scalp to regenerate follicular activity and boost hair growth. Before stepping out of the salon, a pump of the Densifique Sérum Jeunesse was applied on damp hair, followed by a blow-dry, so we left looking more than presentable. The result? Hair that was bouncier and more voluminous and a scalp that was cleaner and clearer (as shown in our post-treatment diagnosis).

Kérastase Densifique Hair Density and Fullness Programme
Because thinning hair is a not a problem that can be countered overnight, you have to be committed to using at-home products and even a daily treatment to combat or prevent the issue. The new Densifique range makes it easy with a simple plan: a bodifying shampoo, rinse-out (for fine hair) and mask (for coarse hair) as well as course of single-dose cures, that are to be applied once a day to towel-dried hair. Just putting in a little effort can ensure a thicker mane over time and a good hair day for the near future. There's a reason good things don't come easy.

The Kérastase Densifique at-home range costs from $39 to $320. At Salon Vim and selected salons