5 super easy holiday hairstyles for all hair types and lengths: Ribbons, pearls, pins, and glitter galore

5 super easy holiday hairstyles for all hair types and lengths: Ribbons, pearls, pins, and glitter galore

Easy peasy

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @guysamuel_official
Image: Instagram | @cintiapjasso

We might make it look easy, but getting a beat face on the daily is hard work. Seriously, not to trumpet our triumphs, but killer liner, on-fleek arches, and perfectly curled lashes prove more challenging than one might think. And don't even get us started on a full-face of party-ready makeup. Much like a good soufflé, we require at least an hour (or more) to rise to the occasion. Knowing this, the best way to stay atop of this season's festivities is to be prepared — by having an arsenal of polished, pretty 'dos at the ready, of course. Below, a roundup of effortless ethereal styles to sport so locks are impeccable even with just five minutes on the clock. Get those engines revving, ladies.

Party of pearls

The classic chignon grabs attention with the addition of iridescent orbs. To get this look, forego snap clip and earring variations and opt for tiny, push-pin clips instead to create the illusion of natural, pearl-woven strands. It's grown-up, but fun.

Wrap it all up

Nothing says your presence is a present (ha) better than a big ol' bow. Velvet ones — in hues of red and green, naturally — add a touch of Christmas spirit to any look. Failing that, black and white options are both classy and appropriate for all seasons.

Diamonds are forever

When in doubt, paint it in diamonds, right? This versatile style works for all hair lengths, and adds instant glamour to strands with minimal effort required. Slide the barrettes through locks, wet the ends with sea salt spray, and scrunch fingers through hair to get natural, beachy waves. Voila.


Bows and baubles

Don't just deck out your tree — let your locks get in on the action too with this high-swingin' style. Throw hair in a bubble pony, and then accessorise to your heart's desire for a look straight out of Ariana Grande's books.


Slicked back with glitter

For the traditionalist looking to up the ante on your go-to style, load up on the pomade and go ham with some glitter. After all, does the saying go, "the sparklier the hair, the easier it is for Santa to spot ya on his sleigh"?