Dawn till dusk: We take YSL's long-wearing compact out for a spin at Seoul Fashion Week

Dawn till dusk: We take YSL's long-wearing compact out for a spin at Seoul Fashion Week

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Vanessa Caitlin
Image: Getty

Trusty, stylish and versatile. The qualities we look for in a partner, we also prize in a compact. So when Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Beauté released their latest double-duty product — a buildable powder foundation slash touch-up wizard with the weightlessness of its liquid counterparts — we had an inkling that Le Compact Encre de Peau might just be the one.

But as we were taught never to simply jump in with both feet, taking it on a five-day rendezvous to Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) served as the perfect litmus test. With 14-hour days and 20 shows to attend, a lasting base topped our list of must-haves — one needing minimal touch-ups despite its natural coverage. Here’s how it went.

Dongdaemun Design plaza

Pounding the pavement bright and early at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), one of Zaha Hadid’s sculptural wonders and home to the runways of South Korea’s promising designers. Opening SFW fall 2017 is Big Park, one of Seoul’s most established names.YSL compact review encre de peau

Off for a speedy caffeine fix with half an hour to spare and sneaking in a quick complexion check. Coverage is still flawless; no touch-up needed. In fact, it looks even more natural after some wear — blending flawlessly into the skin.
YSL compact review encre de peau

Three shows down and time to refuel. We’re doing sugar and carbs to ramp up the energy, stat. Disclaimer: It’s not a daily affair.YSL compact review encre de peau

YSL compact review encre de peau

Patting on a light layer before heading back to DDP for a 5:30PM runway presentation. Having combination skin, the crisp weather and harsh wind only means that while our face feels dry, it looks shinier than usual. Final step: Finishing off with the Instant Moisture Glow (over makeup) for a shot of hydration on-the-go.YSL compact review encre de peau

Back to the hotel to change into an outfit for the evening. The Jarrett after-party is next on the agenda. Time check: Five minutes to get in and out. We’re forgoing fixing our makeup, save for a dab of the Babydoll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick in No.5 to replenish colour on the lips and cheeks.

YSL compact review encre de peau

It might be dark but the event photographer’s flash is all revealing — this calls for a final touch-up just for good measure. Still gliding on and blending smoothly after 12 hours, count us officially smitten with Le Compact Encre de Peau.

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