Why it's worth investing in luxury suncare

Why it's worth investing in luxury suncare

Sun's out, fun's out

Text: Renée Batchelor

With a newly revamped suncare collection, Clé de Peau Beauté proves why being luxury and utilitarian aren't mutually exclusive

Why should you invest in luxury sunscreen? After all, you can pick up any supermarket brand for a lot less, and it should do the job pretty much the same... right? Well if you're lucky enough to experience Clé de Peau Beauté's new suncare products you might change your mind. The range includes a high SPF UV protection cream, tinted protective creams, UV creams for the body and even a sunscreen balm for your lips. Not just pure UV protectors, the products are infused with quality skincare ingredients including Asian ginseng, white thyme extract and mangosteen extract to fortify the skin and prevent sun damage as well as DNA damage — so they have a dual function. Here's what else we love about the range.

If you hate using sunscreens because of that sticky, icky factor, fret not. These have a beautiful texture more akin to skincare or makeup, than sunscreen. Even the UV Protection Cream that has an SPF 50/PA++++ has a light, almost serum-like texture that glides on and sinks in. The UV Protective Lip Treatment meanwhile is the ultimate lip balm that softens your kissers and even makes subsequent lip products easier to apply. If you can, splurge on the two sunscreen options for the body. You will literally feel the luxury on your skin.

UV Protective Cream Tinted, $120

Probably the number one reason people don't like wearing sunscreen is the chemical-y smell? Yes slathering on the typically chalky white sunscreen that smells of what is probably zinc oxide may remind you of childhood summer vacations, but why put up with it as an adult? What you get is a very mildly fragranced product that doesn't compete with the scent of your existing makeup or fragrance. Unobtrusive and elegant: Just how we love our skincare.
UV Protective Lip Treatment, $85
We were particularly impressed with the new UV Protective Cream Tinted. It has a high UV protection level, but the tinted cream that comes in 4 shades can double up as a super-charged base. This smooths out fine lines and evens out the skin tone leaving a velvety-matte finish and has an even heavier coverage than the brand's new Radiant Stick Foundation. If you're a makeup minimalist, using this as well as the Lip Treatment — which imbues lips with a soft luminosity — will be enough to achieve a practical, no-makeup look.

From $85-$165. At Clé de Peau Beauté counters from April