Why La Mer's The Perfecting Treatment is affordable luxury for your skin

Why La Mer's The Perfecting Treatment is affordable luxury for your skin

Miracle multitasker

Text: Renée Batchelor

La Mer's latest product is a skincare-makeup hybrid that does wonders for your skin

If you've always wondered what Crème de La Mer would feel like on your skin, but have found the price prohibitive, the brand's The Perfecting Treatment is a good place to start. Priced slightly lower than the Crème in a dollar per ml calculation, this soft, whipped, pink gel is also extremely versatile and has a lighter texture that works perfectly in this weather.

Designed to be a a makeup-skincare hybrid, this has the luxurious and healing ingredients we have come to love in La Mer products — including the signature Miracle Broth and lime tea extract. The Perfecting Treatment also contains two new Ferments. The Refining Ferment strengthens and smooths skin and reduces the look of pores while the Lucent Ferment is rich in both porcelain and deep sea rose algae, to lighten dark spots and boost radiance. We tried it and loved the texture, scent and the natural radiance that it imbued upon our skin.

Skin-loving ingredients aside, this treatment can be customised by adding it into your routine according to your needs. For a natural glow, use it before your moisturiser. If you have good skin and go sans makeup on weekends, this is a good option. If you want to have a fresh, dewy visage, apply it post-moisturiser for a soft-focus finish.

If makeup is a must in your daily regimen, you can also make The Perfecting Treatment work for you. Apply it before your foundation to create the perfectly smooth canvas that seamlessly applied makeup requires. And finally, before you hit the sheets after a night out on the town, this miraculous multitasker can work extra hard. Apply it at the end of your routine (even if you wear a sleeping mask) and it will help seal in all the goodness, so you wake up looking like a teenager (minus the attitude and the acne.)

$370. At La Mer counters from March 2016