Where to get pierced in Singapore: The best, most trusted piercing studios, parlours, and stores

Where to get pierced in Singapore: The best, most trusted piercing studios, parlours, and stores

Hole in one

Text: Emily Heng

Piercings might not have as much of a bad rep as they once did, but that's not to say they don't come with its fair share of controversy either. From getting it done at the "right" age to its supposed impact on professionalism in the workplace, discourse still exists with this form of body modification. Still, that's hardly a deterrent for piercing devotees in Singapore. In fact, the cultural divide is a driving force for some, emboldening them to opt for bigger, bolder, and more experimental perforations than ever. That got us thinking: are there secrets behind good piercings? Where is the typical stamping ground of a piercing pundit? How do they maintain all that hardware? We speak to several enthusiasts to get the lowdown on the sitch, below.

Tian Tian Wang, marketing communications executive

"I don't go to a single, specific place to get my piercings done because where you go is dependent on what you want pierced. The ear lobes are a pretty safe area — you can go just about anywhere. If you're thinking of getting a rook or sternum piercing though, then I'd suggest a professional piercing parlour. I got my first nose piercing done at Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo, and it was a positive experience. It's not too difficult to find a legit studio in Singapore, just make sure to do some research and check out the reviews on their Instagram or Facebook page to make sure they're of standard.

 It's probably a good idea to head down and witness them in action, too, so you can see if they're experienced in piercing placement. Have you ever seen a nose piercing that just looks off? That can happen when you have someone inexperienced behind the needle, if the area you want pierced is sensitive, or one that comes into contact easily with your clothes and such. Trust me, you won't realise how often you bump into things until you've pierced the area."

Senget Siew, account manager

"I started getting piercings when I was in secondary school. Mostly out of peer pressure, and because I thought it made me look cool. Right now, I have six piercings in total. If I have any advice to give someone going for their first piercing, it'll be to visit the larger, more well-established studios and make sure your technician has stable hands while you're at it. Don't go to a random place at Bugis Street, if you get what I mean. I did my first lip piercing at a small store along a stretch of shops by the MRT once, and I had to get it re-pierced because it turned out so bad. I did it multiple times too, to get the angle and position exactly right. It was a nightmare. Shoutout to the pros at Utopia Studio Tattoo & Piercing for finally getting it right!"

Jermayne Teo, videographer

"I have 17 piercings in total, and almost all of them were done at New Generation Collection at Pasir Ris. I've been going to them since I was 15 and I can safely say I've never experienced any infections or skin reactions from their services. From what I know, most Singaporean piercing parlours do maintain a strict level of hygiene, and are largely competent — though I always recommend heading down to the establishment itself to check it out before getting any piercings done.

Take note of the equipment they use. Do they sterilise their needles and drills? Are gloves used? All these small details can really make or break your piercing experience. Always make it a point to clean the piercing regularly after, and avoid touching your piercing beyond that. That means no twiddling, rotating, or playing with your jewellery unless you want to prolong the healing time and cause further skin irritation."