Where to customise your own perfumes in Singapore: Maison21G, Six, and more

Where to customise your own perfumes in Singapore: Maison21G, Six, and more

One of a kind

Text: Jean Chua

Editor: Emily Heng

Mass-market fragrances are well and good, but there comes a time when bespoke scents begin to emit a certain type of appeal. Whether you're looking to distinguish yourself with an instantly-recognisable odour or you're just, well, feelin' yourself, there are options aplenty for anyone one looking to embark upon said path. To help ya along, we've provided a handy list of establishments that provide custom-fragrance services. Get in on this, stat.

Maison 21G

This bespoke fragrance house was built upon the philosophy of making customers feel right at home when customising their own unique scent. This translates to customised perfume creation workshops with perfume experts for $120 per person, or going online and filling in a questionnaire on their site — depending on whichever the customer is comfortable with. Their perfumes are also 100% preservative- and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy knowing that your one-of-a-kind scent won't just smell good, but is also beneficial for the earth and your skin. Score.

Scent by Six

This homegrown artisanal fragrance brand is founded by a Singaporean who has a passion for all things olfactory-related. They pride themselves on using only environmentally-friendly ingredients of premium-grade quality to concoct exquisite blends and mixtures — of which can be done via their exclusive workshops. Get a sneak peek into what it's like to be a perfumer for a day, and bring home your very own scent at the end of it.

Oo La Lab

Scent-creation means serious business at Oo La Lab. Not only will you be able to mix and match various ingredients, you'll even get to decide on the specific quantities of each. With a wide variety of customised perfume workshop options available, we recommend you grab your best friend or significant other along to customise 2 Eau De Parfum bottles or perhaps check out their Fragrance Design & Mixology course for an eye-opening experience about working in perfume industry.

Sifr Aromatics

As a homegrown perfumery which has generations of expereince in perfumery, Sifr Aromatics had its roots in exploring the realm of scents outside traditional perfume and is an eye-catching perfumery sitting right in the heart of the bustling Arab street. An attractive tourist destination that is exotic and fantastical, customisable scents are available at Sifr Aromatics, and you're encouraged to go wild and adventurous with your creations, which are a nice blend of old-world classics with modern aromatics. However, custom fragrance consultations are only available on appointment basis so make sure to book one first before heading down.

Freda 'D Parfums

As a fragrance brand founded with the belief that behind every fragrance is an interesting story, each eau de parfum created at Freda is specially concocted and tailor-made to fit the each owners' personality and style. With their scent personalisation workshops, you'll be guided through various questionnaires before mixing a perfume that well-suits your current life experience.