What's the buzz: Kristen Stewart's daring new do, plus other famous crew cuts in history

What's the buzz: Kristen Stewart's daring new do, plus other famous crew cuts in history

Don't touch my hair

Text: Renée Batchelor

Newsflash: Kristen Stewart just buzz cut her hair and she looks fabulous. Read on to see our list of other women who dared to go short and why the buzz has become a symbol of rebellion

We would if we had her bone structure. Kristen Stewart shocked and awe-d when she showed up with a buzz cut, platinum 'do at the premiere for her movie Personal Shopper in Los Angeles. We are in serious envy about how gorgeous she looks with this minimal crop which seems to put her delicate features, razor-sharp jawline and perfect skin in sharp focus.

But Stewart wasn't the first lady to say screw you to the patriarchy when it came to her hairstyle. A buzz cut has been a symbol of power and rebellion for a lot of women: Think of model and singer Grace Jones one of the pioneers of 'alternative' beauty. Whether it was for a movie role, a feminist statement or practical concerns, here we take a look back at some of the women who wore buzz cuts with pride. And yes, it helps if you're unfairly beautiful.

Few women possess the breathtaking beauty of a young and buzzed Sinead O'Connor. The purity and rawness of her beauty is almost shocking in the overly-made up and over-filtered age we live in and seemed to lend her a certain authenticity that fit in with the whole rock n'roll spirit. The Irish singer is still sporting a buzz cut today. Rock on!

Sinead O Connor buzz cut

At the premiere of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at Cannes in 2005, actress Natalie Portman was still sporting the shorn head from V for Vendetta. Having a luminous, flawless complexion and beautifully-shaped head certainly helps. Still, when her hair was buzzed on camera for the movie, we can't help but wonder if those were real tears she shed, or not — she seemed pretty traumatised. This seems to be a common trope on film. Also shorn on camera (in one take) for movies was Robin Tunney in Empire Records, Demi Moore for G.I Jane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50.

Natalie Portman buzz cut

When singer Solange Knowles buzzed it all off in 2009, she told Oprah Winfrey that she was spending close to US$50,000 on her hair each year  — for weaves and styling — and wanted to (temporarily) put a stop to it. It was also an exercise in freedom. She spoke to Honey magazine on the reaction to her hair saying, "As a society we equate beauty with the images that have been placed in front of us since we were little kids. Every Disney movie, every fairy tale, every pop star typically has a certain aesthetic and look. I think that anytime we see something different, it freaks us out."
Solange Knowles buzz cut

Unsurprisingly buzz cuts are in fashion right now, hitting the mainstream courtesy of models like Ruth Bell, Kris Gottschalk and our recent #WomanCrushWednesday Adwoa Aboah. In the past models like Eve Salvail and Alek Web bucked the trend by wearing their hair shorn and leading the rebellion against conformity.

Ruth Bell buzz cut

When a female is an action hero, the buzz cut signifies that she means serious business and that she's as tough as one of the boys — if not even more so. See Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road as the awe-inspiring Furiosa, and the original action movie star, Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3 as the iconic Ripley. A more recent update? Eleven in Stranger Things — with script writers drawing inspiration from these super heroes for her cut.

Sigourney Weaver buzz cut