Why we love Clé de Peau Beauté's dreamy, spring makeup

Why we love Clé de Peau Beauté's dreamy, spring makeup

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Text: Renée Batchelor

The brand's newest collection is inspired by the luxury of time and the coastline of Cornwall. Find out why the inspired mix of sand and sea tones are the ultimate makeup indulgence

Rarely do we see a makeup collection that immediately makes us want to run out and grab everything in every shade. While bright and brilliant shades look great on the palette, they can be difficult to translate convincingly IRL. Similarly, ten versions of the same neutral eyeshadow shades and your run-of-the-mill beige lipsticks are unlikely to get the heartbeat racing. Which is why we were so impressed not only by the colours, but the usability of Clé de Peau Beauté's newest collection. Inspired by the rugged coastline of Cornwall, makeup director Lucia Pieroni's really tapped on its simplicity and raw beauty for her colour inspiration. And since time is the ultimate modern day luxury, the simple products can be used in a cinch and even without complicated brushes or a mirror.

Coast of Cornwall
The brand's signature Eye Color Quad now comes in a a user-friendly Eye Color Duo. Two shades make it easier and breezier to apply than a traditional quad, while the soft and natural harmonies — think seashell pinks, stones, greens and blues — are natural, yet eye-catching when worn. A completely, new product that is introduced is the Cream Blush. In four, juicy shades that were inspired by the sun-ripened fruits sold at the Farmer's Market — Cranberry, Pale Fig, Persimmon and Perfect Peach — this highlights the cheeks with a fresh and dewy lustre. Use it with a brush for a more even application, or pat it on with your fingers for a barely-discernible flush.

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Finally we have to mention the lip and nail colours. Cover your kissers in the Enriched Lip Luminizer in soft, lip-like hues that brighten up your base shade without veering into OTT brightness, while keep nails understated yet sophisticated. Nail lacquer shades include a gorgeous mushroom, a deep denim shade and a shimmering beige that will definitely get people asking where your polish is from. Inspired by a certain practicality, the result is makeup that is simple enough to incorporate in an everyday routine, but covetable enough to lust after.

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Here are our favourite colour picks from the collection: 

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