Fight like an angel: Victoria's Secret models show us exercise hairdos worth copying

Fight like an angel: Victoria's Secret models show us exercise hairdos worth copying

Earn those wings

Text: Renée Batchelor

Victoria's Secret Angels may look like otherworldly beings as they float down the runway. But away from the catwalk, they have real girl hairstyles for their fitness activities that are fun yet functional

The Victoria's Secret Angels have always inspired hair envy with their voluminous and lustrous tresses, but while their flowing runway styles are certainly worth copying, it's their practical 'dos away from the spotlight that are giving us serious hair inspiration IRL. From super swishy ponytails to twin braids, here are some styles that we spotted on our favourite Angels while they worked out. 

While it looks almost like a bridesmaids 'do, this is a surprisingly versatile style for a workout. The braids at the crown keeps your hair off your face, while the updo keeps your hair off your neck and prevents strands from sticking uncomfortably. Just be sure to secure your bun well with a hair tie and pins, so it doesn't come lose during your workout. Bonus: If your workout is not too strenuous and sweaty, this style looks good post-gym as well.
Best for: Circuit training, lifting weights, Pilates and yoga.

Martha Hunt

The entry level hairstyle for even the clumsiest hands, a high ponytail once again works for keeping your hair tightly tied and away from your face — handy since sweaty strands can cause unwanted breakouts. If you have bangs or layers in your hair, try using a sweatband or lots of bobby pins to keep hair firmly in place — the last thing you want is hair slipping out.
Best for: Long-distance running, cycling and gym workouts
Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver
Hold up, when did Adriana Lima, mother of two get so ripped? Serious muscle definition aside, we love her playful braids on a severe centre part. It manages to look both high fashion and is highly practical. Hint: Tiny braids help keep annoying baby hairs off your face.
Best for: Hardcore sports like boxing, MMA and other martial arts as well as outdoor sports like rock climbing, surfing and wakeboarding. This is one hairdo built to withstand serious action, as it won't easily come undone. Release your braids post-workout for natural waves.
Adriana Lima