Vegan beauty: 10 cruelty-free, conscious brands you ought to know even if you eat meat

Vegan beauty: 10 cruelty-free, conscious brands you ought to know even if you eat meat

PETA approves

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Editor: Jolene Khor

Should one of your resolutions this year is to become a practicing vegan, you can go right ahead and give yourself a pat on the back — even if said lifestyle change is only in effect for 30 days in honour of Veganuary (here's hoping it'll stick this year, amirite).

But while said diet may encounter some speed bumps on your road to vegan warriorism, your face takes considerably less effort with the emerging wave of cruelty-free, conscious beauty brands that eschew animal-derived ingredients and lab testing on our furry friends. Ready to go full-on vegan with your beauty stash? We round-up 10 makeup, skincare, and fragrance brands that made the PETA checklist.

1. Cover FX
Oh yes, everyone's favourite customise-it-yourself highlighter brand is high on the list. Created by the former chief chemist behind M.A.C. Cosmetics, the formulas are cruelty-free and vegan — minus the MintTint FX and the MintGlaze FX, that is. Go ahead and indulge in a truly feel-good glow.

Hero products: Custom Enhancer Drops, Mattifying Setting Spray, Blurring Primer



2. Inika
An Aussie-export that's certified organic, Inika is all about enhancing your natural beauty with products that impart that sought-after beach goddess look. They've even bagged a few beauty awards in 2018, and have made their way to Singapore to boot.

Hero products: Long Lash Mascara, Certified Organic Liquid Foundation, Baked Mineral Bronzer



3. Axiology
For all things vegan lippies, Axiology's got you covered and then some. From killer reds and MLBB neutrals to out-there shades like grayish lavender and jet-black, every colour and finish you could possibly want is — as the brand proudly calls it, "100 per cent evil-free".

Hero products: Lipstick in Noble for the prettiest coral (#pantonecolouroftheyear), Lip Crayon in Valor



4. Spectrum
This one's got a whole lot of sass to go along with its heart. Based in the UK, Spectrum Collections is an all-vegan makeup brush brand rocking collabs that'll have you putting on your face with tools inspired by Mean Girls and Disney princesses and villains. You'll have to hit up a pal to get these babies though, as the brand currently only ships within Britain. Bonus: They've got false lashes made from vegan silk.

Hero products: Sweetheart heart-shaped brush, Strong Finish highlighter brush, Shady Lady large fluffy eyeshadow brush



5. Billy Jealousy
Gents, we haven't forgotten about you. With literally everything from shaving essentials to hair pomade, facial wash, body wash, and even deodorant (we really do mean everything), this award-winning vegan grooming brand is perfect for the fellas with sensitive skin. We foresee bathroom hogging in your future.

Hero products: Devil's Delight Beard Oil, Ruckus Hair Forming Cream, Gold Standard All-Over Wash



6. Le Labo
Who doesn't love a good, niche fragrance? Even better if said niche fragrance is pro-animal. On top of freshly hand-blended scents with ingredients carefully sourced from cruelty-free suppliers, Le Labo also does bath, grooming, and home products — all packaged in that retro-modern aesthetic to appeal to your inner hipster animal activist.

Hero products: Tonka 25 EDP, Ambrette 9, Santal 26 candle



7. Skyn Iceland
Aimed at treating skin concerns caused by stress, this Icelandic skincare brand harvests the rich resources of its homeland into potent naturals that calm, stabilise, fortify and nourish skin. Expect pure ingredients such as mineral-rich waters, anti-oxidant berries, and soothing algaes and mosses to restore your youth.

Hero products: Face-Lift-in-a-Bag, Pure Cloud Cream, the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion



8. NCLA Beauty
From award-winning nail lacquers to a budding lipstick range, this is the cool girl polish brand we've already got our eyes on way back when. Oh, did we not mention it was entirely vegan and cruelty-free? Plus the latest NCLA x Barbie collection has got the little girl in us all hyped up.

Hero products: So Rich cuticle oil, NCLA nail wraps, any and all NCLA Lacquers



9. Kat Von D Beauty
In case it escaped your notice — or you're still running with early days KvD Beauty — the entire brand has undergone a formula overhaul to become purely vegan. And all without compromising on the superb performance and payoff fans have come to expect.

Hero products: Shade + Light Contour Palette, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Tattoo Liner



10. Per-fékt Beauty
Hollywood and cruelty-free are probably two words you don't quite expect to find going hand-in-hand, but Per-fékt Beauty has nailed it with their smart formulations. Though the simple packaging might not entice at first glance, the multi-functional products are fab for creating that sun-kissed So Cal gal look.

Hero products: Body Perfection Gel, Queen Pegasus Lash Elixir Kit, Liquid Gold Illuminating Perfector