Urban Decay brings back some of its most-loved vintage lip and nail shades

Urban Decay brings back some of its most-loved vintage lip and nail shades

'90s redux

Text: Renée Batchelor

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Urban Decay launches a special capsule collection that's close to our hearts

Okay, we have a confession to make. We're old enough to remember when Urban Decay first burst on the beauty scene in 1996. In fact one of our most memorable early purchases was a bottle of Roach Nail Polish from the brand — yes, that's right nail polish the colour of cockroaches was de rigeur to us back then. The brand has — to our delight — brought back Roach (both in lipstick and nail polish form) for a limited time only, along with other lipstick colours like Bruise (a wine red), Pallor (a frosty, lavender grey) and UV-B (a blue with a purple shift that was a favourite of founder Wende Zomnir's back in the day). The brand has proven how truly innovative it was back then, by re-introducing these groundbreaking shades that are still so relevant and wearable today. Imagine them when they first came out among all the pinks and reds that were common then.

Original Urban Decay polishes
The Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection has nine shades from the original lineup, in the creamy and comfortable Vice formula — most of the shades are comfort mattes, although a few are sheer. If this doesn't give you a heady dose of nostalgia for the '90s, we don't know what will. The brand has even resurrected the original craft cardboard outer packaging for this limited lipstick collection. The nail polish shades are also feature vintage shades like Mildew and Oilslick, but the revamped packaging is decidely more sophisticated than the original bottles (above). As with everything Urban Decay-related, expect these shades to go fast. And once they're gone, who knows when they'll be back. Buy enough pieces of your favourite to last through a nuclear fallout and a zombie apocalypse — and make sure cockroaches won't be the only Roaches around.

$20 for nail polishes and $29 for lipsticks. Exclusively at Urban Decay standalone stores while stocks last