Get a fabulous haircut at Pact + Lim

Get a fabulous haircut at Pact + Lim

Wash and wear cuts

Text: Renée Batchelor

What’s the difference between a cut at a regular salon and a Japanese salon? I tried it to find out

My hair is not the easiest to deal with — wavy and super-fine it tends to turn into into an uncontrollable mass/mess of waves in Singapore's sometimes 100 per cent humidity. And though hairdressers often comment favourably on my curly locks, extolling the virtues of natural waves (no perm needed!), whether they cut my hair well is another story altogether.

Pact Salon outside

I headed to Japanese salon Pact + Lim (an offshoot of Kizuki + Lim) in Orchard Central. The salon has a cool, understated vibe — it's minimalist and strangely peaceful for a salon — with great service from their team. My stylist Ebina Chie carefully examined my hair and offered her advice. Communication was a slight problem at first, but I was happy to let Chie work her magic on my hair. First she noted that my overprocessed and brittle hair needed a treatment. I love that the salon has a very pared-down menu so you're not being 'sold' a mind-boggling array of expensive treatments. The treatment consisted of applying Japanese brand Mucota haircare products and steaming the hair. Simple but effective — my hair felt softer and smoother immediately after.

Pact inside

Next, Chie set to work, adding layers in all the right places to thin certain sections of my hair and keep the volume in others. She added face-framing layers in the front, but did not remove much length. Chie proved her Japanese precision by cutting the hair wet, then drying the hair and touching up after. While she did minimal styling after, merely rough-drying my hair, I could see my new cut had taken shape well. Fast forward three days later and I'm happy to report that the haircut has washed and worn excellently. With just some styling cream and air-drying, my hair looks bouncier and shapelier. The cut really played up the strengths of my natural hair texture without the need for a flat iron or even a blowdryer in the mornings. With this fuss-free cut, time is saved getting ready, so I'll certainly be back for my next trim.

Hair treatments at $50 and haircuts from $70. Pact + Lim is at #02-16 Orchard Central, 6884-4143. Or visit them here