Treatment review: Glass hair at Chez Vouz

Treatment review: Glass hair at Chez Vouz

Cinderella moment

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you hair is an untamed mess, this new treatment from Chez Vous may give you the shiny, healthy tresses of your dream in just two hours

Chez Vous is our go-to place for hair texturising treatments. From its innovative fillers for the hair to amplified keratin, we officially declare the guys the kings of protein. Heck, the brand even created bespoke treatment packs that can be used to resuscitate your damaged locks in between services. So it was with some anticipation that we made our way to the salon for the review of its latest Glass Hair Treatment created in conjunction with Goldwell. Inspired by the Korean skincare and makeup trend for glass skin that exploded last year, glass hair is all about achieving shiny, manageable textures. That may sound easy for those with healthy and naturally straight hair, but it can be a challenge for the rest of us. What we love about Chez Vous is how they always have their fingers on the pulse of what's hot in hair and makeup trends, and incorporate it into fantastic texture treatments that fit perfectly into the busiest of lives.

First up, I tell my stylist Readen, that my hair is super damaged thanks to a two rounds of bleaching in December 2017 and March this year (for other hair reviews). I decide that sacrificing length is not a problem and the main priority is restoring my hair back to a healthy state: Truth be told its looking pretty lacklustre at the moment and gets tangled very easily. After a wet trim, Readen starts on the treatment. The glass hair treatment works heavily on the principles of science to repair and restore unmanageable, damaged and stressed locks. The hair is first cleansed with a gentle shampoo that contains lavender essential oils. This starts the treatment on a relaxing note, which is good at the rest of the chemicals used in the treatment can smell a little. 

The treatment proceeds with the application of a serum containing glyoxylic acid, collagen and peptides. Massaged into the hair and activated by heat, these are the ingredients that help reduce the frizz and make your hair more manageable. Next, a dose of hydrolysed silk is applied to close the cuticle — a key step to prevent frayed looking hair. Finally, to ensure hair stays moisturised at home, a cell membrane complex is applied. Finally, as heat is a key activator for this treatment, my hair was run through a special iron to seal in all the actives. Expect some smoke and a slightly strong smell, but don't panic, your hair is not being deep fried! The main benefits of this treatment is that at under two hours it is relatively quick and it will last anywhere from a month to 60 days depending on the quality of your hair and the after-care. The only drawback is that you have to leave it on for 48 hours, and the hair will look stiff and feel quite laden with products immediately following the process. The good news? Once you wash it, all that stiffness and excess product is gone in a flash.

I was lucky enough to be sent home with Goldwell products and a Bespoke Booster Masques from Chez Vous. Used in tandem on a daily basis, my hair looks much healthier and is easier to style. I just shampoo, condition and apply the Goldwell Kerasilk Leave-In product. Unlike other hair texturising treatments, this didn't leave my hair flat and lifeless. I still have some of my natural waves, but it's like all the frizz has been sucked out of it. Although it's not super glossy, it is much shinier than it was in its pre-treatment state. It's been pretty much, wash-and-go hair for the first week, and I am looking forward to extending its life as long as possible.

From $225. At Chez Vous, #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium, 6732-9388