Treatment review: The Biologique Recherche cult facial

Treatment review: The Biologique Recherche cult facial

The chemistry of skin

Text: Renée Batchelor

Freia Aesthetics is one of the first places in Singapore to bring in the French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, as well as its in-demand facials

If you have heard of the Biologique Recherche (BR for short) facial than you're probably part of a very select group of beauty insiders. You've may be a frequent visitor to Paris, France, where the brand has a flagship beauty institute located at the prestigious 32 Avenue des Champs-Elysées. In fact, you may have even tried to book an appointment there for a facial, to little success. The good news? The brand is now stocked in Freia Aesthetics in Singapore, a medispa that is renowned for its efficacious treatments. Which means not only will you be able to take home star products like the P50 Balancing Exfoliators and the newly-launched La Grande Crème, but that you'll be able to experience its signature facials.

BR was founded some 40 years ago and combined the expertise of one family, Yvan and Josette Allouche and their son Philippe. Yvan was a biologist, Josette a physiotherapist, and Phillipe, the only surviving member, is a doctor with a specialty in internal medicine. Today the brand is all about achieving effective results based on a clinical approach to beauty. The products are not packaged in fancy vials and jars — instead the packaging is purely functional, almost clinical. Correspondingly, the ingredients used are pure and concentrated — with its new La Grande Crème produced in extremely small batches. BR is also known for its meticulous protocols and procedures — hence the popularity of its facials. 

Biologique Recherche La Grande Crème, $995

Upon diagnosis by my therapist at Freia Aesthetics, the BR Booster 3 Soin Lift C.V.S was chosen to  purify, cleanse, restructure and hydrate the skin while accelerating cell renewal. My facial began with a signature lymphatic drainage massage. This massage not only stimulates and open up the epidermis (the topmost layer of skin) it also prepares you for the treatment ahead. Among the ingredients used during the facial was a cocktail of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acid. But because BR facials are all about the handwork of the therapist as well, it combines these actives with modulating techniques and massage in order to redefine the facial contours and firm the oval of the face. The massage techniques differ from facial to facial, and this one uses the Jacques Leroy technique. This is made up of swift, vibrating pinches which are carried out along the facial contours and muscles. The massage and products work in combination to manually exfoliate the skin, stimulate elastin and collagen, sculpt and define the facial contours.

My therapist also gave me an extended eye massage to drain the area, deflate puffiness, lighten my dark circles and smooth the eye contours. The treatment ended with the Masque VIP O2, BR's most popular mask, that contains a unique Oxygenating Complex. This mask may not be the most pleasant smelling — as BR products do not contain fragrances, its natural scents are not masked. The smell did not bother me at all, especially because I saw such amazing results. The mask basically 'pumps' oxygen back into skin, so the complexion is hydrated and emits a lit-from-within glow. My therapist also applied an extra thick layer of the mask and drizzled BR's Oligo Serum around the eye area, for an extra brightening and lightening effect. 

The director of Freia Aesthetics, Serene Seah, shared that many of those who had experienced the BR facial talked about having the 'BR glow' post-treatment. This is something that needs to be experienced to be explained, but my skin was plumped up, softened and visibly brightened. The extra effort around the eye areas showed, as my dark circles were much less obvious, even without the need for copious amounts of concealer. The takeway? The BR facial is definitely not just hype, and if you adore obvious, immediate results and facials that are very handwork-focussed with less reliance on machinery, this is definitely one for you to try.

Freia Aesthetics is at #19-03 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 8223-0609