#TopDrawerTuesday: Bronze medal winner

Podium finish

#TopDrawerTuesday: Bronze medal winner
Inspired by the Sea Games and the super-hot 'summer' Singapore is experiencing, we've picked the best makeup to give you that goddess glow

Start with a bronzer to give your skin a healthy glow. The trick is not going too dark. For novices, start with just one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Try a powder like this one from Tom Ford Beauty, or a liquid version from Nars Illuminator — you can even mix in a smidgen with your foundation to add a natural gleam to your skin.

Tom Ford

Nars Illuminator

If you want to add a bit of sculpting to your makeup routine to bring out your cheekbones and even slim down a slightly puffy face, try an easy-to-use highlighter stick like this option from Tarte. One side is for highlighting the higher planes on your face, while the other is for contouring like Kim K — just target any broader areas of the face with the darker end and blend in any harsh lines.

Tarte The Sculptor

Amp up your lips with a shimmery lip gloss. Bronze looks great on tanned skin but can work on almost all complexions. If you're very fair, add a peachy blush to add warmth to your face.

Marc Jacobs

When you're in a hurry, there is nothing more fool-proof than a stick or cream eyeshadow. Just apply it on your entire lid — don't go too far above the crease — blend with your fingers or the attached brush to avoid an obvious line, and finish with several coats of mascara. 


Finally, don't neglect your fingertips or toes when you're dressing up in bronze. Bronze shades can blend in with tanner complexions for a cool tone-on-tone look and adds a cool, summery vibe to your weekend sundress-and-sandals ensemble.


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Text: Renée Batchelor

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