Tongue piercings in Singapore: Where to go, what to know, and how much to pay

Tongue piercings in Singapore: Where to go, what to know, and how much to pay

Watch your tongue

Text: Yong Le Man

Oftentimes taken for granted, the tongue is our primary tool for both taste and speech. For those slightly more adventurous — or for those simply looking for something fun to do this weekend, even — the tongue can also pull double duty by serving as a style statement. See: piercings. Intrigued but also (rightfully) cautious? Don't worry; this article will help ease 'em doubts. Here's all you need to know about getting your tongue pierced.

What to know before getting a tongue piercing

The tongue is home to tons of veins. (Seriously, just lift your tongue to view some of them). If there's a vein where you want your tongue pierced, then your piercer will be unable to conduct the procedure. If your tongue is too short — or, if you can’t stick your tongue out very far, you won’t be able to get your tongue pierced either. Same goes if your tongue is too long. Do note that as if with any piercings around the mouth, jewelry can cause damage to the teeth when it rubs up against them. This contributes to enamel wear, chipped teeth, and receding gum lines. TLDR; be sure to think it through if you already struggle with such issues.


How much will it hurt?

The tongue may seem like it would be sensitive, but most report that there's a relatively low amount of pain involved. With an experienced piercer, you will feel a pinch, but it's likely that they’ll conduct the procedure quickly, so you'll barely feel anything. The real pain comes in the days immediately afterward. Since your healing tongue will move quite a bit when you're talking or eating, it will lead to more pain and swelling. Fortunately tongues heal crazy fast, too, so this portion of the healing process won’t last long.

Tongue piercing healing process

A tongue piercing usually heals in 4 — 6 weeks. Its fast healing time makes it the easiest piercing to take care of, but it also comes at a cost, where tongue piercings can close in a matter of hours without jewelry. Therefore, if you want to keep your piercing intact, you must keep your jewelry in. Bear in mind that although the actual healing process is relatively straightforward, there are tons of outside influences that can make the process quite painful. 


Aftercare tips

Your tongue is exposed to the bacteria that your saliva harbors. Essentially, food, drinks, and anything else you put on or near your mouth. Beyond rinsing every day, you need to keep extra care to keep things out of your mouth that shouldn’t be there (calling out all nail-biters). Here are some things for you to take note.

  • Conduct a sea salt mouth rinse 2 - 3 times daily. If you prefer saline piercing aftercare products, these are fine, too. Just make sure that the solution contains no more than sterile water and sodium chloride.
  • Eat soft foods in the beginning. Initially your tongue might be quite sore, so any foods that require intense chewing might already turn you off. Put your tongue under less stress for the first few days.
  • Keep a toothbrush and a sea salt mouthwash with you. It'll be good to cleanse your mouth of bacteria and food debris after every meal.
  • No alcohol or cigarettes. Best to keep the vices away to reduce the risk of an infection that could further complicate things.
  • No oral sex or french kissing. You should try to keep any foreign articles out of your mouth during the healing process. Just for a month — let's hope your partner is content with kisses on the cheek.

Tongue jewellery styles

The most common jewelry you’ll see in a tongue piercing is a straight barbell. The tongue is usually pierced with a 14G needle, and your starter barbell will probably be a 7/8” barbell. Once your piercing has healed, most choose a 5/8” barbell, but that is totally based on personal preference. You can also choose studs with a bead backing, as long as the prong is long enough to fit through your tongue. You can also add a charm to make your piercing stand out even more.


Price and places to get your tongue pierced

A tongue piercing will cost anywhere between $30 and $100. This price won’t include the jewellery. Here are some places that we recommend you get your tongue pierced.

Gurkha Tattoo Family Tattoo & Piercings

14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza, #04-11, 228213

Tel: 68340558

Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 11.30am-8pm

Rise Above Tattoo & Piercings

14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza, #04-70, 228213

Tel: 62355610

Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 1-8pm

Piercing Clinic

6 Raffles Blvd, #B1-06 Marina Square, 039594

Tel: 63421617

Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 3-8pm