Step inside the THREE Singapore Rhythm Spa

Step inside the THREE Singapore Rhythm Spa

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Text: Renée Batchelor

What's treatment in THREE's new Rhythm Spa like? Read on for our experience

If you're familiar with the skincare and makeup brand THREE, you'll know that it peddles a certain stripped-down, clean aesthetic, both in terms of ingredients and in the wabi-sabi packaging of its products. It's no surprise that the brand's spa — called the THREE Singapore Rhythm Spa — focuses on the connection between body, mind and soul. After all good skin comes from not just effective products, but a balanced diet and a total sense of wellness and calm. Stepping into the spa, which is tucked behind its store on level 4 of Tangs, is the perfect opportunity to unwind and get your mind, body and soul back in balance. In the store, you'll find its skincare neatly arranged according to categories, chic makeup collections, as well as additional boosters like the brand's supplements. The spa cabins themselves are minimalist, but comfortable. Think, wooden floors and furniture with a super comfortable massage bed.
THREE facial cabin

Using carefully-selected, organic essential oils and Japanese-sourced botanical ingredients, the spa has a pared-down menu of just three facials (including a men's facial) and one body treatment. Following its skincare lines, each facial treats a different overall concern. Balancing is for all skin types, Aiming is for anti-ageing and The Definitive facial, is for men. Activating Body, meanwhile, focuses on the body. If you want to try both a facial and body treatment at one go, you'll be happy to know that Singapore is the only location outside of Japan that offers the THREE Rhythm Spa, a customised face and body massage ritual that stimulates the body's natural rhythm. 

Three woman on facial cabin

We tried the Balancing facial and found it to be a thoroughly relaxing experience. After cleaning the décollette, neck and shoulder with a hot towel, THREE's Balancing Lotion and Emulsion was applied to moisturise the skin on these oft-neglected areas. After removing any makeup, our face was cleansed with the Balancing Cleansing Oil and the Foam — we especially loved the fluffy texture of the latter. The treatment was very much focussed on handwork so as the Lotion Mask was placed on our face, our therapist carried out a décolleté, neck and shoulder massage with a special body treatment oil to truly relax us, while hydrating the skin on our body. The strokes and pressure she used on us was firm, but it was just what we needed for that therapeutic, shiok edge. The facial ends with the removal of the mask and extensive facial massage with the Conditioning SQ Oil  — a process so relaxing we almost drifted to sleep. Finally a whole suite of THREE Balancing products — from the Lotion to Cream to Sunscreen — were applied on our skin to hydrate and protect our complexion before we stepped out of this calming space. The result? Skin that was lifted, firmer and well-rested and more importantly, a body and mind that felt utterly blissed out, as well. Pop in if you want a facial that treats the skin specifically, but leaves you feeling like you've had a day at the spa. 

$160 for 60 minutes. At TANGS at Tang Plaza Level 4