Three easy tricks to define your eyes

Three easy tricks to define your eyes

Eyes wide open

Text: Renée Batchelor

Try these subtle tricks to add a bit of oomph to your eyes — without the use of heavy eyeshadow and falsies

Ever wish you could have bigger, brighter and more defined looking eyes? Try these three tricks to achieve the look — no masterful eye makeup application or double eyelid tape required! And yes mascara at the end is almost always a must. 

1. Try tightlining 
Instead of big, obvious liner, that ends up making your eyes look smaller than they are, this technique will give you more defined eyes. Called tightlining or 'invisible liner' you'll have to aim your liner at a slightly different spot — the roots of lashes. You should trace it along your upper waterline and at your lower lash line.

For this, you'll also need a special liner, like Nars Kohliner that is designed for this delicate area to lessen the eye watering effect. Our advice: Keep the line thin. It'll give your eyes that 'pop' without making them look obviously made up. Or just do a line on the lower lids (as below) for super subtle definition. 


2. Consider eye-defining contact lenses 
No, we're not suggesting those ridiculous contact lenses that make your pupils look unnaturally dilated or weird colour combinations that could never exist in reality — purple violet anyone? Acuvue Define is a contact lens that can be tailored to your individual eye's need. After a 'diagnosis' and depending on your preference one of three lenses will be recommended to you — either Natural Shine, Vivid Style or Accent Style. The lenses don't make the eyes look too fake, they work cleverly to enhance the contrast, define the eye, and if you'd prefer, enlarge the pupils subtly, so eyes look just like your own, only better.

Acuvue Define

3. Place individual lashes strategically
Sometimes a faux fringe of heavy lashes don't make your eyes look bigger, but have the opposite effect — overpowering the eyes and making you look sleepy or worse yet, squinty. If you really want to enlarge your eyes, try placing individual lashes, like Make Up For Ever Lash Show in 601 Natural Impact, $32, on the outer corners of the eyes. Try adding one or two strands on the lower lashes as well for a va-va-voom effect. You'll need a good applicator — like Make Up For Ever Lash Applicator, $22, to grip and place these tiny strands in place though.

Make Up For Ever Lashes and applicator