This skincare duo gets rid of water retention and gives you bigger, more defined eyes

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This skincare duo gets rid of water retention and gives you bigger, more defined eyes
Clarins Shaping Facial Lift is one of the brand's most innovative products. Now the upgraded V-Facial Intensive Lift Wrap and Enhancing Eye Lift Serum does even more for your skin

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift is one of those products that are oft imitated, but never bettered. First launched in 1999, when founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins heeded Japanese women's request for a slimmer, refined face and a more defined V-contour, the serum has since been upgraded a further three times. To keep up with the latest innovations, the brand has just updated two other products in the range, the V-Facial Intensive Wrap and the Enhancing Eye Lift Serum, that work in tandem for a lifted and perfected visage.

Clarins Shaping Facial wrap and eye defining lift

Unlike the Shaping Facial Lift that is a treatment serum that is to be applied religiously to see results, the Intensive Wrap works almost immediately by reducing water retention and puffiness. Only to be applied to the lower contours of the face and the neck, this absorbs excess water from the skin, almost like a warm towel. Apply it before a big event like a wedding dinner or if you wake up looking extra puffy — you'll be amazed at the facial 'shrinkage' you can see. The Enhancing Eye Lift Serum meanwhile, gives you bigger, brighter eye with consistent use and the coreect application — press this into the eye contours with firm pressure. Plant actives like horse chestnut, zerumbet ginger and guarana work synergistically to brighten, lift and tighten the skin around the eye contours, giving the effect of bigger, more awake-looking eyes. Furthermore, this serum contains an eyelash enhancing formula that thickens lashes over time, a clever addition that ensures eyes are more defined as well. 


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Text: Renée Batchelor

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