This pore extractor mask really works

This pore extractor mask really works

Pure and simple

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @refinery29

Hate blackheads? Here's a gentle way to remove them without using abrasive pore strips or going for painful extractions

Blackheads are the bane of many a woman (and man's) otherwise flawless complexion. And it doesnt help that in our humid, sticky climate, oily and congested skin is pretty much par for the course. But what do you do when you want to remove these unsightly blackheads from your nose? We've already ascertained that those homemade pore masks, while seemingly effective are just not good for your skin. Trust the experts on that. And while store-bought pore strips can work, they can also aggravate the skin if the glue used on them is too strong and sticky — holy skin peel Batman! And extractions are best left to the hands of the pore-fessionals. To the rescue? Philosophy's new Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor. Based off the brand's best-selling cleanser (the number one cleanser in Sephora US), this new mask is an exfoliating clay mask that does the dual job of purifying pores and extracting blackheads.


On a recent staycation in Sentosa, we had the opportunity to try this baby on our skin. This pale, grey mask is enriched not just with white kaolin clay which is known to help extract dirt, oil and impurities, it also contains salicylic acid to shrink the size of pores, so they are less visible, and natural diatomaceous earth to smooth away rough skin. To use this, simply squeeze out a small amount and apply to affected areas — we targetted our nose, chin and the sides of the nose where pores tend to be a bit rough.

Those with sensitive skin might feel a slight tingling, although we did not notice much except a slight tightening sensation. Leave it on for five to ten minutes, until it has completely dried, before removing. We like removing it with a damp washcloth in the shower, to further exfoliate the skin. The result? Skin that is much smoother and softer to the touch and that feels fresher and deep cleansed. In fact, after using it, our facialist reported that she could not find that many big, juicy blackheads on our nose to extract, so we'll count that as a win. Apply your skincare — from hardworking serums to overnight sleeping masks — after, and you'll find that they penetrate even better into the skin. The brand says that after two uses, you'll see remarkable improvement in your blackhead situation and this has already won beauty awards in the US (where it was released last year) in case you were wondering.