This makeup brand just created 100 lipsticks

This makeup brand just created 100 lipsticks

What's your vice?

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Rhianne Bergado

With a whopping 100 shades from glittery golds to luscious purples, Urban Decay relaunches its Vice lipstick collection with a great, big bang

If there's one thing a girl can never get enough of its lipsticks. Whether you're the kind that ends up buying 10 versions of the same coral shade, or a true blue lipstick junkie who loves experimenting with different textures and colours, the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks has something for you. First up, the lipsticks come in six finishes — comfort matte, cream, mega matte, metalized, sheer shimmer and sheer. This really categorises the lipsticks finely. For example, comfort matte, like its name suggests, will feel creamy and comfortable on your kissers, while mega matte will give lips that intense, highly-pigmented look you see on runways and in music videos. 

No matter the finish, each of the aloe vera-, jojoba-, avocado- and babassu oil-enriched lippies nourish and soften the lips. Another thing each lipstick promises? A creamy texture and rich colour payout and dispersion, for the kind of lips that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.
Urban Decay Vice lipsticks
Then there are the hues. Some are based on existing Urban Decay lip products, such as colours from the previous collaboration with Gwen Stefani, while others are inspired by the brand's eye pencils and eyeshadows. Then there are those dreamed up from scratch. From deep blue, to the perfect nude or red for your skin tone, the possibilities are literally endless. Founder Wende Zomnir has even identified her top 10 shades — that include Pandemonium, Disturbed and Backtalk — as a helpful edit for those who have no clue where to begin. Also available are a staggering 50 lip pencils to pair with these stunning shades. The face of Vice 100 is the enigmatic and chameleon-like actress Ruby Rose (even her name consists of lipstick hues), who represents the rebellious, tough and edgy spirit of the brand. Urban Decay have truly outdone themselves this time. 

Ruby Rose the face of Urban Decay's Vice 100

$29 each. Available exclusively at Sephora Ion on 22 July and at Urban Decay stores and counters in August