This homegrown website diagnoses your skin accurately via a photo

This homegrown website diagnoses your skin accurately via a photo

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Text: Renée Batchelor

With the new Skin Story feature on its website and online store, IDS Skincare makes it easier than ever to shop for the right products from the comfort of your home

When it comes to picking the right skincare there are a few options. One involves guessing what you need, stumbling through a pharmacy or department store and perhaps listening to the recommendations of beauty consultants — who in their eagerness to earn a commission might be tempted to recommend products you may not need. The other option involves making an appointment with a dermatologist or a doctor, especially when you have a pressing or serious concern like acne or pigmentation, and to then receive a prescribed regimen. But what if there was an in-between option, and preferably one that allowed you to shop from your desk at the office, but still get the exact products your skin needs. Sound like a dream come true? Well IDS Skincare, the brand produced by the IDS Clinic, has invested the resources into making this a reality.
IDS Skin Story
Skin Story is a new feature on its website that allows you to scan skin, treat your concerns and even track your progress. To diagnose your skin issues simply snap a photo using your phone or computer camera — sans any makeup and glasses and with your hair pulled back preferably — and send it on virtually to the site. You'll also be prompted to answer a questionnaire that asks you your skincare concerns and lifestyle habits. The site then sends back a diagnosis and analyses your skin based on four parameters: hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and skin evenness. It then recommends you the products that you need to effectively treat these issues. I tried it and was recommended mainly acne-centred products like the Spot Control and the Pore Formula to soothe and refine my complexion. Once you've added the right products to your bag, simply purchase and have them delivered, through the e-commerce store that seamlessly blends with this Skin Story feature. Easy peasy. You can even track your skin's progress as you use the brand's products to see how it has improved over time. The brand has also upgraded the formula and packaging for five, bestselling products like the Intensive Moisturiser and the Rejuvenating Complex with a new enHAnce Transcutaneous Deliver System. enHAnce delivers active ingredients deep into the skin layers so that they work better than ever and also require a smaller concentration to work, minimising skin sensitivity. Talk about a smart website and smart skincare working for you.

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