The foundation that gives you petal-fresh skin

The foundation that gives you petal-fresh skin

In bloom

Text: Renée Batchelor

What's the secret to achieving a perfect canvas? Shu Uemura believes it's the right formula coupled with the right application tool

Shu Uemura have been innovators when it comes to both skincare and makeup artistry and achieving a beautiful, dewy complexion is definitely something the brand has invested time and research on. With their newest foundation the goals haven't essentially changed from when the late Mr Shu Uemura himself said, "Beautiful skin should be fresh and smooth, like a soft blossom moist with morning dew." The formula of the Petal Skin has both semi-matte and semi-glow characteristics to give just the right balance needed for luminous skin that looks poreless but still appears transparent and natural.

Shu Uemura Petal-Finish Fluid Foundation and Foundation Brush
But the formula is just step one of the product. The artisan-like brush also plays an important part. Shu Uemura's chief makeup artist Yuji Asano wanted a tool that could be used on all types of foundation whether liquid, powder or cream. Hence the birth of petal 55, a foundation brush that applies faster than a typical one, and with a streak-free finish. The ergonomic petal-shaped brush with the narrow tips at the end are designed to be used on all the contours of the face, including hard-to-cover spots like the sides of the nose. The brush has even been designed to be washed and dried more easily, so there's no excuse for a grotty makeup brush anymore. When applied in tandem, expect a smooth and seamless finish on your skin, without the hassle.

$68 for the Petal Skin Fluid Foundation and $80 for the Petal 55 Foundation Brush. At Shu Uemura counters and stores in April