The ultimate self-pampering routine for happily single ladies on V-Day

The ultimate self-pampering routine for happily single ladies on V-Day

Good lovin'

Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Pressure from society (and by society we mean your nosy aunt) might suggest otherwise, but singlehood is a relationship status that most have made peace with — or hell, even come to enjoy. And while it is easy to remind yourself of that when your BFF is detailing her latest screaming match with her S.O., it is admittedly more challenging when everyone else is preaching the wonders of true love to you this Valentine's Day. Blech.

Considering the circumstances, hiding out in the comfort of your room during the not-so-joyous occasion is perfectly acceptable. Moping as you go through a box of truffles, though — not so much. Much like your coupled-up counterparts, you, too, deserve some much-needed TLC in celebration of the patron saint of love.


Below, the ultimate self-pampering routine to treat yo'self right this V-Day. Because you're worth it isn't just a L'Oreal tagline, ya know?

1. Scrub away those bad feelings...
alongside the dead skin cells. Bust out your favourite body scrub, lie back, and get comfortable. Make it a point not to rush through the process — massage those exfoliating granules softly onto skin to ensure a thorough cleanse and to stimulate circulation. If you're not left feeling significantly relaxed or even a little sleepy after, you're not doing it right.

2. Swap out your bar soap for a shower oil
Using oil to wash yourself may seem pretty contradictory, but hear us out: formulated with ingredients that transforms oil into a milky texture upon contact with water, shower oils provide a rich, luxurious lather for an indulgent experience like no other. Pick something that comes in a fragrance you adore so you can look (and smell) like the divine goddess that you are.


3. Slather on a coat (or two) of body lotion
Upon towelling off, moisturise your skin with a body lotion. We recommend a lightweight formula if you'd like to sink into bed straight after, a rich one if you're going to Netflix and chill solo like a boss.

4. Get masking
Can it really be considered a pampering routine if your trusty face mask isn't involved? Whether your go-to is more of the LED or sheet variety, one that works to calm and moisturise your complexion is a good choice. Sip on chamomile tea while waiting for the magic to kick in.


5. Invest in an eye-mask that does more than just block out light
A good night's sleep — and good skin — is ensured with an eye mask that works to cool, de-puff, and moisturise that delicate eye area. Try this one by The Art of Alchemy, or, failing that, simply apply some gel eye-patches on and pull your eye mask over it.

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