The ultimate anti-ageing facial

The ultimate anti-ageing facial

In good hands

Text: Renée Batchelor

Homegrown brand Estetica has been around for 35 years and counting. We tried the GENXSKIN facial at their revamped Plaza Singapura store and were impressed with the great service

Ageing is a problem that creeps up on you slowly and surely, and contrary to popular belief, it's not just the over-40 crowd who should be worried. Signs of ageing can be as subtle as a duller complexion, faint lines around the eyes or skin that doesn't recover as quickly from a night out on the town. Ageing is not related to your chronological age, but to the condition of your skin.

With that in mind, I tried Estetica's GENXSKIN facial at their newly revamped Plaza Singapura store. The store itself is sleek and modern, and unlike other facial salons, the cabins are tucked in the back corner, while the storefront boasts inviting product displays that make it easier to browse and select the right skincare. The homegrown brand has been around since 1980 and currently works with A*Star labs in developing new products and innovations.

The GENXSKIN facial however uses products from another brand — Ericson Laboratoire — to restore skin. It works on the face's triangle of beauty — think of an imaginary triangle in the centre of the face that sags as we age. Using an ingredient extracted from a brown macro algae called Undaria pinnatifida, the skincare reactivates the genes involved in the organisation of collagen fibres, elastins and hyaluronic acid — the building blocks of our skin cells. If that's too scientific for you, just know that the rich and pampering facial really works.

Besides the usual cleansing, exfoliating and massage, two things stood out. First, there's double masking involved — a bio-cellulose mask as well as a cream mask for more active penetration. It also included a mask specially for the neck area. I liked this attention to detail. Though oft-neglected in our daily regimens, the neck is one of the areas where ageing shows most obviously. Second, extraction is a big thing in Estetica. While not for everyone, extraction here was thorough and relatively painless — just speak up if it's not something you want. Do note that the products used were very active though so it's best for mature and non-sensitive skin.

I left with glowing, clearer-looking skin that also looked and felt firmer — probably a combination of the massage and intensive product application. This facial works in tandem with the take-home skincare products that complement the treatment. So if you'd like to continue the treatment process, do pick up essentials like the star Micro-Filler and Fibraxtine Cream for more pronounced and prolonged results.

$368 for 90 minutes. At all Estetica salons.