The one skincare product you need in the city

City-proof your skin

The one skincare product you need in the city
From UV rays to pollution, think of Dior’s One Essential City Defense as your daily skin shield

Pollution is a huge con of city life. While we love the ease and convenience, our skin is the first organ to suffer from the impurities and pollutant particles drifting in the air. Cellular impurities increase while your natural protection mechanism deteriorates, so over time skin looks dull and tired.

Dior opts for a smarter, long-term preventive solution to the problem. One Essential City Defense not only has an SPF50/PA+++ rating, but also anti-pollution properties. This hydrator and protector creates a barrier between the skin and impurities and UV rays on three levels. Much like a raincoat does for you in the rain, or an umbrella and sunnies in the heat, the product is the modern woman's ultimate skin shield. 

Dior One Essential City Defense is $95 at Dior counters

Text: Andrea Sim

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