The makeup essentials you need to rely on to survive the holiday season intact

The makeup essentials you need to rely on to survive the holiday season intact

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In the days leading up to Christmas, that holiday panic you’ve been nursing can threaten to bubble up. It comes when you attempt to decipher the hints of your family's wishlist slyly mentioned over dinner. It comes when relatives pester you about your future baby daddy. It comes when you realise you’ve double-booked yourself to two holiday gatherings you can’t wiggle yourself out of. No offence to the ones we hold dear, but the evil dubbed stress is calling; so we're answering.

Get your sh*t together with makeup products that will help you mask your disdain of the holidays. To meet that tall order, Givenchy, Hourglass and Dior are here to save your holiday spirit... and sanity.

holiday makeup essentials

If your nosey relatives talk your ears off at holiday parties...
Try: Dior Diorific Vernis Limited Edition Lipstick

Family gatherings aren't exactly considered a makeup-friendly environment. There might be tears shed when your uncle's recently separated new girlfriend shows up, intrusive aunties remind you that your biological clock is ticking, or past arguments rehashed about your sister breaking your cousin’s Santa Claus bubble. To prepare for the hostage situation, slick on Dior's ultra long-wear lipstick. It promises long-staying power in case you don't have time to escape for touch-ups amidst the drama.

Available online.

holiday makeup essentials

If your prima donna friends are stressing you out with their unrealistic gift expectations...
Try: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4

Scouring through multiple holiday gift guides that embody that elusive trifecta of chic, luxe, and unique (lord help us) may leave you feeling like how you felt when your boyfriend fed you empty promises about sex lasting more than ten minutes: aggravated, with a side of not-again! To fake your holiday glow in front of your friends and family, opt for Hourglass's illuminator. The more, the better.

Available at Tangs Orchard and Sephora.

holiday makeup essentials

If you're feeling the urge to cry after being forced to rewatch old family videos...
Try: Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Waterproof Mascara

Real talk. Hearing stories about how you used to wet your pants when you were younger is only funny to the people telling it. If your horrible parents play the video evidence for distant relatives you only see once a year, we won’t blame anyone who sheds tears of anger and embarrassment. Gird your loins with this Givenchy mascara that pulls double duty by lengthening your lashes along with a waterproof formula. It promises not to smudge (no matter how embarrassing the situation gets).

Available online.

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