The definitive guide to luxury sunscreens that smell like a million bucks

The definitive guide to luxury sunscreens that smell like a million bucks

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Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Hands up if the mere utterance of sunscreen invokes less-than-pleasant recollections of liquefied concrete, unflattering white cast complexions (as commemorated on Facebook— thanks, ma) and a pungent scent that no number of wet wipes can eradicate from the mind. The weight of the world on your shoulders? Nah, that's just your sunscreen.

And while it may be tempting to dismiss it as just-one-of-those-things that the beauty industry needs to work on, we regret to inform you that your experience is not, in fact, universal.

That's right, folks — times are a changin', and with it, the efficacy and usability of sunscreens. In 2019, we call B.S. on the misconception that the more rank a stench, the better a product for your skin. From Crème Simon's alcohol-free offering to La Mer's anti-ageing miracle broth, these are the sunscreens of note that will make you smell like a million bucks.

Crème Simon Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50, $75
Formulated with 11 different floral and botanical extracts, Crème Simon's Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50 could very well tread the fine line between complex bouquet and completely overwhelming. Thankfully, it is more of the former than the latter, with a scent that is sweet without being cloying. Its lightweight texture also dries down to a sleek, matte finish, sealing the deal as a new age sunscreen suitable for day-to-day use.


La Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid, $190
Effusing the air with the scent of springtime, this lush sunscreen from La Mer, formulated with the French name's signature Miracle Broth, seeps quickly into skin to work its potent anti-ageing magic. Your wrinkles and crow's feet don't stand a chance. And because ain't nobody got time for prolonged beauty rituals no more, this bad boy is designed to be pat on and absorbed immediately over moisturiser and/or under makeup. No waiting required.


Clarins Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray, $48
While coconuts are the preferred choice for scented sunscreens, it can bring forth memories of the sickly sweet, greasy concoctions from childhood. Clarins has, mercifully, diverted from the path most travelled and opted for a citrusy aroma instead. Formulated to provide intensive protection against harmful UV rays, it is also gentle enough to be used for those with highly reactive skin types.


Lancôme Expert Youth-Shield BB Complete 2 SPF 50 PA++++, $75
Perfect for those who prefer an au natural state of affairs (yes, we're still talking about skincare), the Lancôme's Expert Youth-Shield sunscreen is a frothy, light-as-air confection with a subtle scent to match. Those with sensitive sniffers are sure to appreciate the understated yet elegant fragrance.


Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening UV Protector SPF50+/PA++++, $92
While we're all about embracing our freckles and imperfections this 2019, sun damage and the lasting effects of photoaging just ain't it. Fortified with ginseng to nourish and soothe even those with the most finicky of complexions, Snowise Brightening UV Protector emits the signature earthy-sweet herbal scent that is so beloved by fans of Sulwhasoo.



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