Indulge in these luxury soaps for your skin

Indulge in these luxury soaps for your skin

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Text: Meera Navlakha

Ever thought of investing in a humble bar of soap? Here's why you should

A good-smelling, effective soap is a necessity for everyone, whether you're a beauty buff or the kind of male that washes your face with these things. (Yes, we've all heard the horror stories.) After all the skin is the largest organ in your body and while you may be treating your face and neck well, other hard-to-reach areas like the back of the knees or the soles of your feet, may not necessarily be getting the TLC it deserves. But with new formulas and quality ingredients, many luxury brands are upping the ante in the soap game and taking them beyond your supermarket variety brands. Brands such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Fresh and Lush are providing customers with a variety of options and scents for creating that extra clean feeling with every wash, minus the drying sensation soaps were notoriously known for.

For pretty tin packaging: Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Carrot Scented Soap

The brand is known for its delicate and crowd-pleasing takes on scents and never fails to delight with its seasonal collections. Their latest, limited-edition Gardeners collection is a series of soaps carved from carefully-sourced ingredients, with its rich lather and extracts of sage and rosemary. The soaps' unusual scents include refreshing, vegetal options like lettuce, carrot, tomato and cucumber.

For exfoliating and shaving: L’Occitane Rebalancing Black Soap
This oil-based soap rids your skin and body of impurities, cleansing it of any dirt and hardened skin texture. The rebalancing (yet non-harmful) quality of L’Occitane’s exfoliators set it apart from other brands; leaving your skin super supple and comforted. This is also ideal to use while shaving, so it's handy to have some in the shower.

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For that squeaky-clean feeling: Origins Purifying Charcoal Body Soap
A leading brand for anti-ageing and organic products, Origins' formulas often combat the signs of age on our skin... yes even on your body. Their charcoal body soap has a rich moisturising texture, which replenishes the skin and creates a smooth texture and lasting effect promising to be invigorating yet extra-cleansing.

For cute, vintage packaging: Fresh Citron de Vigne Oval Soap
Fresh has perfected its timeless bar of soap. Their champagne-inspired Citron de Vigne is amongst the most popular products, ideal for giving any user softer, more supple skin. The moisturisation lasts for hours, thanks to a combination of vegetable undertones and shea butter. And we can't resist the elegant patterned paper and string packaging that make for a great but inexpensive gift. Was this how soap was sold in the olden days? We're not exactly sure, but we're digging it.

Fresh Citron de Vigne soap
For intense revitalisation: Lush Sexy Peel
With it all-natural factor, and quirky range of products, Lush has quickly risen to beauty fame for those who like their products bright and heavily scented. Despite dozens of options, their Sexy Peel soap bar is a way to revitalise the skin, using citrus juices and oils to recharge your body while simultaneously freshening you up. Use this first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day. Like the intermingling scents in a Lush store, this will wake you up immediately.