The best, most hilarious beauty memes, tweets, and posts of all time

The best, most hilarious beauty memes, tweets, and posts of all time

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @iisuperwomanii

Identifying a fellow beauty devotee out in the wild is no easy feat, though there certainly signs that give it away. Exhibit A: souvenirs of war are brandished proudly on skin, a smorgasbord of foundation, shadow, and lipstick swatches that earn many a double take from non-believers. Exhibit B: any mentions of highlighter are never in reference to stationery. And, exhibit C: two lipsticks are on hand at any given time, both of which —according to certain plebeians — are almost exactly identical in hue. *Cue eye-roll*

For those feeling called out, well, consider yourself a sister-in-arms. Congratulations! To complete your initiation, a collection of best beauty memes, posts, and tweets for your perusal; all of which are as ridiculously relatable as they are hysterically true.

1. Old habits die hard

2. Hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray?!

3. My journey ends here

4. It's baby-soft skin for a reason

5. Confidence is the answer to everything

6. When a man offers his opinion which you didn't ask for

7. Use what you have

8. Savour the little things in life

9. It's going to be a loud one

10. Everything is a lie

11. The truth can be painful

12. That escalated quickly

13. 'Too much' is perspective

14. Did this lewk even happen?

15. To bangs or not to bangs, that is the question

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