The best clarifying shampoos to detox and deep-cleanse your hair and scalp for that squeaky clean feeling

The best clarifying shampoos to detox and deep-cleanse your hair and scalp for that squeaky clean feeling

Good head

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Editor: Jolene Khor

The answer to having good hair day 24/7 lies in the products you use. Sure, genetics and the darn humidity play a part in your frizz battle but if you've got that Holy Grail serum that works magic on your locks — a fab hairstylist who knows how to get you tressed to kill certainly helps too — that's already half the battle won.

To that end, we reckon there was a time or two when you made it rain with a hair care haul that ran on the notion "the pricier your sea salt spray, the closer to hair godliness". Not a strictly accurate school of thought, because your hair and scalp might have leftover residue from old products that affect the efficacy of your new ones, and therefore your overall style, regardless of how much you shell out. Indeed, it's not the dry shampoo that's faulty; it's your less than squeaky-clean hair.

Enter the deep-cleansing shampoo to sort you out: this here is the detox plan in a bottle that will restore life and shine to your crowning glory. Iffy on whether this will work for you? Below, we give you the 411 on the fuzz.


The what
Think of clarifying shampoos as a facial for your head. From pollutants to the minerals in hard water, hair has the ability to cling onto almost everything, so you need go beyond regular shampooing and conditioning. Much like how you slough off blackheads and dead skin on your face, you want an occasional purifying hair treatment that completely washes out stubborn product build-up, as well as trapped dirt and oils in your follicles.

The why
Most folks tend to forget that the scalp is a living organism just like the rest of your skin; it needs to breathe in order to function optimally. Being bogged down with impurities will only cause hair to become dull, lank, and lifeless. Fitting a clarifying shampoo into your hair care routine not only gives you that immediate clean with a fresh, exfoliated feeling, it improves the condition of your scalp, resulting in healthier locks in the long run.


The how
Clarifying shampoos work best as a once-weekly treatment. You'll want to gently massage the product into the scalp and all around the hairline before combing it through the rest of the length. Leave it on for a minute and then give it a good rinse, followed up by a moisturising shampoo to maintain the pH level of your hair (skip the conditioner). FYI for those with manes that lean towards the dry side: limit the clarifying washes to once every two weeks or even once a month, depending on how much styling product you load up with. You don't want to inadvertently over-strip your hair.

Ready to make your crowning glory glorious again? Check out these clarifying shampoos to invest in: