The best — and most absurd — TikTok beauty hacks in 2021: Mirror selfies, winged liner tips, and more

The best — and most absurd — TikTok beauty hacks in 2021: Mirror selfies, winged liner tips, and more

Suspend all judgment

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @charlidamelio

The Internet and its many users have proven time and time again that nothing is real. You have influencers with a three million strong following that aren't actually human (see: Lil' Miquela); faked skincare routines; and elaborate wig-related ploys just so certain stars can debut their new mane at just the right time. Is there anything we can believe in anymore? Apparently not, for it seems even the sanctity of selfies have been threatened, as of late — amongst a whole host of other makeup- and skincare-related hacks that have dismantled our belief in the beauty realm as we know it. Below, the most extreme instances that sent us into an existential crisis. Watch this space for regular updates.

You don't actually need a mirror to take a mirror selfie.

The theory first began to pick up traction when TikTok user, Kara Del Toro, posted a video disputing the entire foundation of mirror selfies. Namely, that there are no actual mirrors involved. Instead, a second phone or spare camera is used, with the featured mobile device merely being used a prop to...? Enhance one's relatability? Flex their sponsored Apple gizmos? Who knows, at this point.

It does, however, explain how said individuals' mirrors are always spotless. It also does shed some light as to why us plebs can't seem to rise to their level. Turns out, we don't actually resemble slightly-smudged, potato-shaped blobs — we've just been doing it wrong this whole time. Enlightenment sure is sweet, huh?


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Winged liner is no longer a marketable skill to add to your resumé.

We hate to break it to you, but it seems arms day is all for naught. A sturdy wrist slash secure grip is no longer needed to facilitate a flawless flick — all of which can now be replaced by the sharp edge of your beauty sponge. If it's any consolation, we suppose you can hardly fake it with more abstract variants typically seen on the runway. Small victories, folks.


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The elastic band business is now dead.

No hair tie, no problem. Though we doubt this hack is applicable to any one with shorter, more layered locks, it's a pretty handy one to use the next time you desperately need to get all those strands off your neck.


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