The beauty services every bride-to-be needs

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The beauty services every bride-to-be needs
If your big day is coming up, you should start your beauty preparation early. Here are the services that will make the difference, the best places to get them done and when exactly you should do them

If you're currently in wedding planning mode, it's likely your brain is a tizzy. With so many things to do it can be confusing and overwhelming. But besides getting the details of your wedding down — from the venue to the guest list to the décor — you also need to take care of your appearance. Here are the beauty and pampering services that you need to prep for the big day so you can look radiant, well-rested and the best possible version of yourself (no matter how stressed out and tired you really are).


Start on your facials and any slimming treatments way before your actual wedding day. The worst thing you can do is to try a new service or product for the first time just days before your wedding. Horror stories include breakouts, burnt upper lips and bad dye jobs. For facials, if you really want clear and radiant skin, invest in a series of customised facials that are designed to treat your particular skin condition. We like the facials at Tara Bliss as they use only top-notch skincare products from Murad and they do a thorough extraction. The facials also use a blend of hand movements and massage — always a plus for us — with the appropriate machines to boost efficacy. If you want a slimmed-down and de-puffed face, try their Magic - V Shape Treatment+. However do note that any form of extraction can cause scarring and redness, so again, do not do these facials too close to your actual wedding day.

Tara Bliss is at 452 Chan Brothers Building North Bridge Road, 05/06-00, 6336-9274. Facials start from $228 for 90 minutes.


For slimming, having a good diet and doing regular exercise are the key to getting in tip-top condition. Many brides opt for a personal trainer, or take up a series of classes — spinning and barre are some popular options — to get in shape. However for those who want to target specific areas of the body that exercise can't seem to help, consider a targetted slimming treatment. We've tried the Slim & Trim Lipocavitation at Estheclinic on the upper arms — an area that many bridal gowns showcase — and found it useful in helping to tone and break down the fat in the area. Although there is a slight discomfort, this is not painful and can target stubborn, localised fats on the thighs, tummy or any area you need some extra help in. Again, a series of treatments help. Start doing one treatment per week, six weeks before your wedding for best results and drink lots of water to help drain any excess fats. 

Estheclinic is at 72 Tras Street, 6221-4797. Slim & Trim Lipocavitation costs from $280 per session for the upper arms and $350 per session for the tummy

Another important thing to consider is your hair. Yes, your crowning glory will feature heavily on your wedding day. Many women opt to revert to their natural hair textures and colours — after all those photos literally last a lifetime — and you want your hair to look somewhat timeless. Our recommendation would be to try babylights or a natural hair colour at Hair Philosophy. Salon director Chester Wong knows his colour and will understand if you need something understated and that photographs well. Remember chunky and obvious highlights or even a trend like ombré will date, so it's best to stick to something classic. Get your cut ( and a good hair treatment) done two weeks before so you can avoid mishaps like too-short bangs or rectify any hair colouring mistakes. If you're doing a hair and makeup test, doing it at this time (after your hair has been cut, dyed and treated) is best, so you can approximate how you'll look on the actual day. 

Hair Philosophy is at 129 Tyrwhitt Road, 6341-5990. Dyeing costs from $95 for a root retouch, $125-$195 for highlights and $65 for a full-head gloss. 

This is a good time to do both your brows and your nails. Depending on how quickly your hair and your nails grow — and how clumsy you are — schedule this three to two days before your wedding day. For the brows, we highly recommend going for a life-changing brow wax with Benefit Brow Bar. The brand's national brow artist Jerlyn is fantastic at doing brows, so book an appointment early if you want her to work her magic on your arches. Again, it's best to try out the service prior just in case your skin is sensitive to wax, and make sure you are not on any skin-thinning medication or retinol-based products. Besides waxing, you may want to consider tinting your brows (lighter or darker) to match your hair colour. If you need any upper lip wax, now's the time to do it as well.

Benefit Brow Bars are available at selected Sephora outlets. Brow waxings is $24 per session (around 30 minutes)


Your hands, and by extension your nails, will feature prominently on your wedding day. Think of the countless photographs of your wedding and engagement rings, and even the number of hands you'll have to shake on the day itself. Treat your bridal party to spa manicures and delightful nail art at Manicurious. If you want to have a mini bridal shower there, complete with drinks and the space booked-out just for you, do organise it with Manicurious at least a month in advance. The hip and relaxed vibe at the nail salon is miles apart from the usual cramped and confined nail salons we've been to. We tried the Hand Spa — that includes a scrub, hydrating hand mask and lotion from Spa Organics — and think it's great to really soften and moisturise your mitts before your manicure. When it comes to nail art, we strongly advise that you stick to the understated patterns and colours Manicurious is known for — we went with a pastel confetti design — as anything too glittery, chunky and 3D may look tacky on hindsight. If you're clumsy, get a gel manicure, they're hardier and will save you the agony of a chipped manicure on the morning of your wedding. 

Manicurious is at 41 Beach Road, 6333-9096. A Hand Spa costs $45, a Classic Manicure is $30 and nail art costs from $5 per nail. To book Manicurious for a private party requires a minimum spend of $480 for 6 pax

The Fullerton Spa

Take a moment to breathe and relax and savour your last moments of unwedded bliss. Also, you really need to chill out. And what better way then to book yourself into a spa the evening before. We recommend the Asian Heritage Signature massage at The Fullerton Spa. Based on the concept of meridians in the body, this combines a few techniques including accupressure-style massage to clear blockages before concluding with a relaxing deep-tissue massage. This is so blissful and pampering, you're bound to drift off to a land where renegade guests and wedding-related spreadsheets don't exist... if only for a minute. If your fiancé is so inclined, book him in as well, as the spa has comfy couple rooms. Take it from a former bride, you'll need this quiet moment together to regroup and steel yourselves for the big day.

The Fullerton Spa is at The Fullerton Hotel, 6887-8182. The Asian Heritage Signature is $240 for 90 minutes

Text: Renée Batchelor

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