Sulwhasoo First Care: Meet the activating serum that has over 100 uses

Sulwhasoo First Care: Meet the activating serum that has over 100 uses

Skincare marvel

Text: Renée Batchelor

Sulwhasoo started the trend of the boosting essence back in 1997. 18 years later this amazing, multi-tasking product is better than ever

If you're not into complicated skincare routines, you may be wondering why exactly you need to add yet another step into your daily regimen. The answer? A boosting essence helps your other skincare work better — there's no point of piling on your serums and creams when your skin is not absorbing these ingredients well.

When Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo dreamt up their First Care Activating Serum, using a blend of Asian medicinal herbs, they stumbled onto a major skincare trend that has since inspired versions from many major cosmetics brands. The new formula, which is the fourth-generation version of the original, is now even more effective thanks to new extraction techniques in its herb-based JAUM balancing complex; helping to keep the skin smooth and hydrated while restoring vitality, resilience and clarity.

But what we're most impressed with is how this boosting essence purportedly has up to 100 different uses besides just being a pre-serum. Here, we picked our top five uses:

1. Gets rid of dark circles
Apply First Care Activating Serum along the eyebrow bone, and gently press the temples with your index fingers. Repeat three times to promote Qi circulation so as to brighten up your under-eye area. Follow with dark-circle specific cream.

2. Smoothes away permanent 'goose bumps'
Scientifically known as Keratosis pilaris, these are accumulated dead skin cells that cause that rough, bumpy texture on skin especially on the upper arms and butt. Apply this serum on the goose bumps after exfoliation and before your body lotion. It will help balance oil and moisture levels and enable your lotion to penetrate better.

3. Get a closer shave
The men in your life don't have to be left out as well. This is one skincare product he'll be stealing all the time. He should apply this after rinsing his face with warm water and before slapping on his shaving foam to protect the skin and prevent irritation. Use it post-shave as well to calm any redness. For extra relief, simply soak a cotton pad in the serum and leave in the fridge for a few minutes to cool down before applying it to the skin.

4. To touch up makeup
In this heat, makeup literally melting off your face is a common occurrence. If your foundation or pressed powder has smeared, use an oil control paper to remove excess sebum. Then apply First Care Activating Serum on a latex sponge with a tiny amount of pressed powder to pat over any smudged areas.  

5. To calm an insect bite
We can't promise you'll be able to calm down after a run-in with insects. But if you're travelling to exotic destinations — read insect-filled zones — pack this in your bag. Use it after your ointments or other medical creams to help prevent scarring.

First Care Activating Serum EX is $115. At Sulwhasoo counters from July.