This Works will get you a good night's rest

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This Works will get you a good night's rest
Have trouble falling asleep and actually getting a good night's rest? This Works has a range of products designed to help

In the age where taking your iPad or iPhone to bed has become the norm, it's no wonder that many of us have a problem actually getting to bed and having a decent night's rest. But before you start popping those sleeping pills and 'relaxants', you'll be happy to know that natural sleep aids in the form of This Works Pillow Sprays will soon be available in Sephora. The UK brand was started by Kathy Phillips, a former Vogue UK beauty and health director, so it is fitting that it combines the science of wellbeing, sleep and beauty in their nifty products.

If you have only minor sleep issues, try their signature Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality as it is infused with a blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile to relax, destress and have an almost sedative-like effect on the body and the mind. Complement this with the brand's Stress Less, a rescue remedy that can be applied on the pulse points or under the nose, either at bedtime or any time you need to relax — think when noisy colleagues are making your blood pressure rise.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $33 and Stress Less, $25

If however you have a deeper sleep issue, and often find that you wake up in the wee hours and are unable to return back to slumberland, the brand has an even more effective product to recommend. The new Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray has microencapsulation technology to create a time-release formula that is motion-activated. Every time a restless sleeper tosses and turns, the fragrance is released with the same levels of potency, so you have a continued, restful night. We got a sneak peek and tried it on our pillows, and the relaxing scent was like an instant sedative.

Another new product? The Sleep Plus+ Hair Elixir that combines a nourishing, leave-in hair treatment with an similiar aromatherapy element. Finally, if you want a dream body, but don't want to do anything for it, apply the Sleep Plus+ Dream Body, a clever anti-ageing cream for oft-neglected areas like the knees and décolletage. Wake up with nourished skin and give these body parts some much-needed TLC with minimal effort.

Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray,  Hair Elixir, $TK and Dream Body, $TK

Available at Sephora in May 2016

Text: Renée Batchelor

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