Skincare routines in 2019: Differences and similarities between modern men and women

Skincare routines in 2019: Differences and similarities between modern men and women

Spot the differences

Text: Angelyn Kwek

It's been said since the solar system was discovered that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But is that really so? Gone are the stereotypical gender roles with today's changing social scene, and with it, the long-time association that skincare is a business solely for the feminine half of the species. The beauty industry has been taking notes too, what with the emergence of unisex brands that speak to both sexes and everyone else who falls in-between these broad categorisations of gender.

This ode to simple-but-sleek also ties in with a shift in mindsets that are embracing a pared back skincare regime using efficacious, do-it-all products. And with men becoming increasing woke (or just vain) when it comes to their appearance — ergo their skin and hair — it means they're now as likely to pick up a sheet mask as the next tai tai. So that begs the question: how do our skincare routines in 2019 stack up in a case of men versus women?

Same, same...

1. Cleanser
A non-negotiable must-have. Even the laziest, most low-key man or woman has wised up to the fact that a harsh bar of soap ain't gonna cut it.

2. Exfoliator
With dewy-skinned Korean celebs setting the standard, dull and rough complexions are now getting the scrub more than ever.

3. Serum
With selfie nation on the rise, who doesn't want extra nourishment for their faces to keep this asset looking primed for the cameras?

4. Moisturiser
It only took 90 years since the invention of moisturiser to finally drill into everyone's brain that your skin needs hydration, regardless of its type.

...But different

Admittedly, our paths diverge after these four products. The ladies who are more conscientious will definitely invest in a good eye cream, toner, and sunscreen to keep ageing at bay, whereas the male perspective on youth is less about preventative skincare and more about keeping fit. The toss up is their lackadaisical attitude to anti-ageing? Having to invest in grooming essentials to upkeep their facial hair.

It's not quite skincare equality yet, but hey, we're meeting halfway now.

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