How to get super skin with Skin Inc’s new Wonder Serums

How to get super skin with Skin Inc’s new Wonder Serums

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The building blocks to an #Iwokeuplikethis complexion

Riddle us this: We take multi-vitamins for our bodies to keep us going at 110 per cent, so why don't we have a similar nutrient boost for our faces? And if you think your tub of expensive anti-ageing moisturiser alone is good enough to stave off environmental damage and stress lines, Skin Inc will have you know that's a big fat 'heck no'.

This decisive proclamation came about following research that has revealed the old-school method of ingesting vitamins does not always deliver the best efficacy for skin. In order to absorb the highest dose of concentrated vitamins, a topical application is the way to go. Now having analysed over a million customer skin profiles, Skin Inc has launched an all-inclusive pair of Wonder Serums to feed your complexion with the daily supplements it needs. Expect a unique, potent formulation that addresses the most prevalent skin concerns (as identified by real women) — such as dullness, sun exposure, and the pollution and stress of an urban lifestyle — bottled with an innovation delivery system that utilises Skin Inc's patented Japanese encapsulation technology. This means the Wonder Serums resist oxidisation, retaining full effectiveness until it contacts your skin, whereby the tiny capsules burst open to deliver the vitamins deep into the dermis.

Working a day-and-night skincare synergy, start your complexion overhaul with My Daily Dose of Glow, which contains vitamin A, chlorella and hyaluronic acid to illuminate and brighten. The concoction is clinically proven to stimulate the skin's renewal process, encouraging a faster cell turnover to repair damage and reverse the effects of ageing and pollution. Boosted by algae chlorella, pigmentation and dullness is also reduced, paving the way for a clearer complexion. And once nighttime rolls around, My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC+ is the rescuer that'll detox and restore balance, fighting against tired, stressed and blemish-prone skin. With a supercharged combination of vitamins A, B3, B5 and C that penetrates deep to actively purge free radicals and renew the skin — especially crucial for mature skin that receives less blood and nutrients — religious use will also help regulate oil production and see a reduced appearance of pores. Time to put glow goals on your checklist, we say.

For that extra pep in your prep, check out the Skin Inc yoga facials to work into your Wonder Serum regime:

My Daily Dose of Glow and My Daily Dose of ABC+ is available online, at all Skin Inc Concept stores and Sephora

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