This Singapore beauty brand one-ups the Korean sheet mask with a nine-way multi-masking series

This Singapore beauty brand one-ups the Korean sheet mask with a nine-way multi-masking series

Innovation sensation

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Hello, beauty game changer. Skin Inc’s new Facial In A Flash is every woman’s skincare godsend

Ever heard of multi-masking? Well, it's now a thing with Skin Inc's new Facial In A Flash series. The first of its kind — created by a beauty brand that's proudly Singaporean to boot — this new face mask pushes the envelope when it comes to traditional sheet masks, and you get no less than nine different combinations customisable to your skincare concerns. Skin Inc founder and CEO Sabrina Tan first thought of the idea when she observed her husband's skin closely and she realised that he had different concerns on different parts of his face due to daily shaving and the natural processes of ageing."I don't double mask, and I decided this is a great way to address multiple concerns at once. This is almost triple the cost of a normal mask, but our brand philosophy is never about the cost, but about the consumer and blending into their lifestyle." 

Designed as two-piece separates for the top and bottom halves of the face, a unique hydrogel material closely adheres to the facial contours like a second skin without slipping or sliding. Each sheet is infused with a potent cocktail of plant extracts, precious metals such as platinum and gold, as well as signature Skin Inc serums, including the best-selling Vitamin A, B3+ and C formulations. Distinctly colour-coded in rose gold, black gold and platinum — otherwise labelled as Lines Be-Gone, Soothe-N-Purify and Get Glowin' respectively — the first of the trio prevents premature skin aging while improving blood circulation, the next one rebalances oil levels to reduce the overall appearance of pores, and the third boasts powerful anti-oxidants to support tissue regeneration that aids in renewing the skin.

Lines-Be-Gone Rose Gold mask paired with the Soothe-N-Purify Black Gold mask
Get Glowin' Platinum mask paired with the Lines-Be-Gone Rose Gold mask


And if you're thinking 'sounds like maximum results with minimum effort', you've just hit jackpot. Facial In a Flash is meant to slot right into our busy schedules with the barest of fuss. Having tried the multi-mask for ourselves, we immediately saw our skin looking refreshed, dewy and perkier after the requisite ten minutes (bonus: Amazingly fast leave-on time). The plush hydrogel texture also allows the Facial In A Flash series to be used in conjunction with Skin Inc's Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light device, further boosting the efficacy of the fortifying ingredients. Perfect for addressing ever-changing complexion woes, for on-the-go masking or if you simply can't put up with having to lie prone doing nothing while your mask gets to work, Facial In A Flash is totally the one you'll swear by. We say give us a lifetime's supply already.Skin Inc Facial In A Flash

The Facial In A Flash series is available at all Skin Inc Concept Stores and Sephora. $17 per pack, $48 for the bento set of three