Sisley's Izia is the rose scent you never knew you needed

Kiss from a rose

Text: Amelia Chia

Created by the d’Ornanos and their trusted team, Sisley's new fragrance is born out of a love affair with roses

It isn't often that Sisley releases a new fragrance — their last one was Eau Tropicale in 2014 — but when they do, the family always has a poignant story to tell. Izia, pronounced Ijia, is a fresh, lemony rose fragrance named after the Polish diminutive of founder Isabelle d'Ornano's first name. Whenever she penned handwritten letters to her family, she would sign off with these two sing-song syllables.

Sisley, Izia, Rose, Fragrance

Inspired during a stroll through her garden in the heart of the French Loire valley, the heart of Izia is a rose accord which had been part of the family for years. The legendary d'Ornano had always loved to plant different varieties of roses, surrounded by shrubs, cedars, hydrangeas, honeysuckle and wisteria. Her relationship with roses was particularly special. She enjoyed wrapping them in moistened newspaper and leave them to bloom in her Parisian apartment, or seeing them cut in a vase, a teapot or an old carafe in every corner of her house.

One of these roses stood out to her — in particular a gold-flecked rose with a fragrance that overpowered all others in a bouquet. The glorious essence of this rose only flowers for two weeks in late May, and in that brief moment before it wilts. Isabelle decided to bring a bouquet to established perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie and asked her to bring the scent to life — you can say the rest is history. Isabelle's daughter, Christine d'Ornano, worked with English artist Quentin Jones to put together the visual assets for the fragrance, while her grand-niece Sonia encapsulated the spirit of Izia by fronting the campaign. 

Sisley, Izia, Rose, Fragrance

Izia is certainly refreshing — it's far from a typical rose scent laden with musky undertones, but settles into your skin as a bright, summery-fresh rose perfume. The classic flower is given the modern treatment with sparkling white bergamot, pink peppercorn and aldehyde top notes, and a base of cedar, amber accord and light musk. Encased in an abstract glass sculpture by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, this isn't that rose scent you grew up smelling on mum or grandma, but one that you'd wear to an elegant Sunday brunch and define as your own. Take our word for it.

Sisley's Izia is available from April at all Sisley counters, from $130 to $280