Rejuran Healer Treatment: We review the ‘salmon sperm facial’ at The Wellness Clinic in Singapore

Rejuran Healer Treatment: We review the ‘salmon sperm facial’ at The Wellness Clinic in Singapore

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Text: Emily Heng

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I've done my fair share of outlandish things in the name of beauty. A surmised list of (misguided) attempts include a) clamping clothes pegs on my honker for a sharper, contoured nose; b) soaking a mole in apple cider vinegar for eight hours to 'lighten' it; and c) plucking my brows with a nail clipper for Gwen Stefani's skinny arches. As an intrepid, highly vain individual bearing limited resources, I am no stranger to the philosophy that beauty is pain.

My familiarity with this sentiment is what brings me here; lying on a chair, visage numb, and a doctor brandishing a massive needle brimming with salmon sperm. What sounds suspiciously like the beginning of a bad joke is actually Korea's latest skincare import: the Rejuran Healer Treatment. 

The birth of this treatment can be credited to the discovery that Polynucleotides — or DNA fragments of aforementioned salmon sperm — stimulates the skin's regenerative capability, leading to reduced hyperpigmentation, improved skin elasticity, and an all-around luminous, youthful complexion. Hmm, how enticing.

The kicker, however, lies in its execution. The best way to deliver said Polynucleotides, it seems, is to inject it directly into skin. This may cause discomfort and require downtime, I am warned, though it really depends on a case-by-case basis. Emboldened by my teenaged years riddled with beauty-is-pain moments, I chanced a trip down to The Wellness Clinic to try it myself.


I was first brought to sign a lengthy waiver form detailing the possible ramifications of undergoing the Rejuran treatment. Mm, comforting. In between my panicked reading, I was also fielding multiple texts and quips from colleagues on the (baseless) assumption that my visage might carry a fishy stench after — which did nothing to soothe my nerves.

The sense of unease, thankfully, abated at the commencement of my treatment. The quick, expert hands of my therapist was reassuring; and wasn't long before thick, viscous numbing cream was applied all over my visage. I then shuffled over to a massage chair, where I spent the hour-long duration picking at my nails, contemplating my impending doom, and rage-texting my friends over the latest GoT episode.

At the hour mark, I was interrupted by my therapist informing me to make my way to the main treatment room. Here goes nothing.


Upon laying down on my chair, I was issued a blanket (for my legs) and a stress ball (for my heart). Dr. Ram Nath arrived shortly, cheerfully enquiring about my state of mind as he snapped latex gloves on. At my squeaked out, "I'm fine," he proceeded to bring the needle to my face.

I had braced myself for agonising, excruciating pain, and yet, the needle sliding along my cheek left behind only an ant-bite level sting. The relief I felt was so all-consuming, I had to bite back the urge to laugh. Fear gone and stress ball abandoned, I felt my shoulders unclench.

I was weighing my dinner options when Dr. Ram slid the needle to my forehead, and that was when pain — like nothing I've experienced — burst across my skin. Imagine a thousand ant bites, at once, except the ants are on fire and dancing on your face. Tears sprung to my eyes, and I swore loud enough to earn a sympathetic murmur from the on-hand therapist. "Different areas hurt more depending on the person," I'm told, right as another wave hits. My anguish was, luckily, short-lived, as Dr. Ram's swift, methodical injections ensured that the procedure didn't go beyond ten minutes. Phew.


I had been prepped for red, inflamed skin and the tiny, raised welts post-Rejuran, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I looked relatively unscathed except for a slight flush across cheeks. Nevertheless, a soothing Stem Cell Mask and Photodynamic Light Therapy was applied to my skin straight after.

20 minutes after, I emerged a new woman — admittedly with residual redness which I'm assured will fade in 24 hours. I didn't even have to wait that long; I looked good as new by the time dinner rolled around.

One week after treatment

While changes aren't drastic — in most cases, it is achieved only with sustained, regular treatments — I do find that my skin texture feels softer and smoother than before. In my case, I finally get my very-own Korean, mochi-skin moment where I make cooing "QQ" noises whilst patting my cheeks (to the aggravation of my friends). Hyperpigmentation also doesn't appear as discernable as before, with my scattering of freckles seemingly lightening overnight.

Despite the subtle differences, you can bet that I'll be wearing this improvements like a badge of honour. And if anyone asks about my newfound glow (please do), well, let's just say they'll be in for a story.

The Wellness Clinic is located at Wheelock Place, #04-01. Call 6732 0812 to make an appointment. 

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