Promising new K-Beauty brands on Net-a-Porter we’re super psyched about: Neogen, Cremorlab, Femmue, and more

Promising new K-Beauty brands on Net-a-Porter we’re super psyched about: Neogen, Cremorlab, Femmue, and more

New blood

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @sokoglam
Image: Instagram | @neogen_official

It's safe to say that K-Beauty — once inaccessible to those living outside of Korea — is just as big a hit in the rest of Asia. Sephora Singapore alone houses 12 distinct Korean labels; many an online portal exists to hawk K-Beauty goods exclusively; and just about everyone has incorporated sheet masks into their skincare routine. There's no doubt the market is teeming with players, many of which are struggling to distinguish themselves from a line-up of candy-coloured packaging housing the *insert air quotes* next big thing. An indicator that the K-Beauty train is grinding to a halt? Not quite. In anything, he opposite seems to be in effect, with newer, better, and more innovative brands entering the fray. Case in point: the intriguing new additions to the Net-a-Porter family. A crash course of the labels to watch, below.


Unlike most skincare labels, superfoods are not the star of the show here, but rather, thermal water. Cremorlab's star ingredient originates from the mountains of the Taebaek region in South Korea and contains healing properties to improve skin, hair, and even chronic health conditions. Furthermore, all products are enriched with a rare golden ratio of calcium and magnesium that work to eradicate dryness, improve skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of pores.


Natural skincare labels are rare in Asian markets, thus making Femmue a standout amongst other offerings. Harnessing the antioxidant and healing properties from our favourite blooms such as rose, camellia, and jasmine, they grant a renewed and rejuvenated complexion through a spa-like experience.


Plant stem cells, dermaceutical, and detox technology play an essential role in the development of Neogen products — all of which contain thoughtfully sourced natural ingredients such as green tea and calendula, to boot. Its stellar reputation has spread far and wide; their gentle yet effective exfoliator pads have already amassed a large following.

Not Just A*

Expect face sponges entirely made by hand using the purest, natural ingredients from the volcanic hills of Jeju Island that do everything from cleansing, moisturising, to exfoliating. While there are only five variants as of late, we don't doubt that expansion plans are underway. Fingers crossed.

The Oozoo

The brand's cult-favourite sheet masks mean serious business — each is packed with an ampoule-loaded syringe to ensure the freshness and potency of the formulation. You then 'inject' the provided mask with skin-nourishing goodness before popping it on to enjoy its many benefits. Easy peasy.


Rooted in science, activated by nature, and tailored to modern life, Venn's streamlined skincare range is perfect for busy bees seeking a fuss-free routine that doesn't comprise on efficacy. Pro tip: founder Brian Oh recommends their ultra-lightweight Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate for our hot and humid shores to deliver on a jolt of hydration and radiance.