Period pampering: The self-care beauty products that treat you right while you menstruate

Period pampering: The self-care beauty products that treat you right while you menstruate


Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Pinterest | @valeskajarrín
Image: Instagram | @lola

Stress, strain and periods... they unfortunately coexist.

Periods aren't pretty. Literally and figuratively. You, queen, are familiar with the stops adjacent to menstruation station by now: you're clutching (one) a hot water bag, (two) a tube of acne cream and (three) a box of security pads, as things have gotten so out of hand, you're paranoid your Freedom Cup runneth over. Because life is unfair, the world doesn't stop spinning (and your boss doesn't stop calling) just because you're currently in the middle of your monthly misery cycle. C'est la vie.

While we can't alleviate your crazy work sitch, we can suggest a couple indulgent diversions that will make surviving feel less trying. In the mean time, remember that this too shall pass.

beauty products to buy on your period

If you're going to be embracing your stomach all day while you fight the exhaustion that comes with a heavy flow, recharging should be done with fabulosity in abundance. Silk pillowcases by Slip are designed to help retain your skin's natural moisture and reduce facial creases while you drift off into your much deserved beauty sleep. They also significantly reduce friction on your hair, so that means less tangles and certainly no excess flyaways. 

Available online.


Hail to the polarising mood swings which arrive in tandem with our periods. Ugh. But there are some things in life that will put a smile on your face: the sight of puppies, a sale at your favourite makeup brand, and Anya Hindmarch’s "This Is Not A Pencil Pot" fruity scented diffusers. These quirky-designed expressions are guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you forget you just solved your hunger pangs with a whole tub of ice cream.

Available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

beauty products to buy on your period

When you're sucked into a vortex of debilitating cramps, having an off day is pretty inevitable. Should you find yourself feeling emotionally prickly, step into a warm shower or run yourself a bath with Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil. Their nourishing blend of essential oils promises to release tension, soothe your mind and body, and prevent you from crying if the barista got your coffee order wrong.

Available at The Spa Mandarin Oriental, Maria Grachvogel and online.