Oriental explosion: M.A.C x Chris Cheng is the colour collaboration you need

Oriental explosion: M.A.C x Chris Cheng is the colour collaboration you need

Acid brights

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a bold yellow lipstick? Or a pale green? The M.A.C and Chris Cheng collection is not afraid to go bold when it comes to colour both on the packaging and the shade selection

Chinese designer Chris Cheng is known for the crazy, acid bright hues in her clothes collection, so when she decided to collaborate with M.A.C we expected something colourful. But that didn't prepare us for the vivid kaleidoscope of colour on both the packaging and the makeup. The lipsticks in particular have exceptional, hard-to-find colours, so those who are always looking for unusual shades should take note. Our personal picks? The shades Plum Princess — a gorgeous, lavender matte shade — and Gold Xixi, a lemony, pastel shade. 


How did the collaboration with M.A.C come about? How do you think this collaboration is different than others that the brand has done?
M.A.C has been known for collaborating with designers and artists for years — so you can imagine I was thrilled when they approached me. The idea was sparked three years ago after they saw my work and my studio decorated with my bespoke illustrations. We share the same joyful, colour enriched spirit and had an instant connection from the start. The whole process was wonderful — M.A.C gave me free rein from creating the colours on the graphics to the overall presentation. The printed designs on the compacts and lipsticks were my idea and they created it flawlessly true to my vision. This is the first time M.A.C created printed artwork like this on the packaging — each piece has a different print on it. For a creative person like me, M.A.C is the perfect brand to partner with — we share the same drive for innovation and breakthroughs. Collaborating with them is a dream come true — I have been a fan of M.A.C makeup from my early college days, my first ever lipstick was M.A.C!


How did you come up with the design for the packaging? Are these based off of your illustrations?
The inspiration came to me in two seconds that it's going to be Kunqu-based (traditional Chinese opera) Everything just flows. This collection is the Chinese element mixed with the Western one. The packaging is one of my original illustrations. It is based off of all of my past illustrations and all of the icons that I have worked with over the years. This artwork is a collage of everything that I have done in the past and the idea of having printed components was the starting point.

M.A.C Chris Cheng


What were the defining factors when deciding product shades?
I wanted to incorporate every single colour from the spectrum. In the end, these five lipsticks and the four eye shadows were all a variation of the spectrum colours — red, yellow, blue, purple and orange in its simplicity.


What is one makeup product you cannot live without and what product in your collection will be a new staple?
I can't live without lipstick! From the collection I will be wearing the yellow hues more. Yellow to me is the new nude — when you wear it, it's not a pasty colour, but is dewy, glossy and transparent.


Describe the collection for M.A.C in 5 words or less?
Daring. Innovative. Happy. Poetic. Kaleidoscope.


Who is the girl wearing your makeup collection? Who is it for?
My makeup collection is for a girl who is very confident and wants to be unique. A girl who doesn't dress or get made up to appeal to men. There is a Chinese saying that means women get dressed to be beautiful for men — I am really against this. Women should be dressing to be beautiful for themselves. This collection is an invite for maximalists from around the world to be daring and to do what makes them feel good. 


From $33-$49. Available exclusively at the M.A.C counter at Tangs at Tang Orchard