The rush hour makeup pick-me-ups you'll be grateful for

The rush hour makeup pick-me-ups you'll be grateful for

New year, old me

Text: Esther Soh

It isn't exactly the best thing to start your day off with the rush hour commute. Here are five products that will make your mornings more bearable

The alarm beeps incessantly as we rub our eyes groggily while a new notification comes in. Gasp. With seconds ticking away, there's no lie in wishing we could ace the face under unimaginable time constraints. But reality hits and most of us end up squeezing in the train cabins with subpar makeup. Sounds familiar?

Let's face the music — mornings and rushing go hand in hand. Even though we made a promise to combat the rush hour crowd by waking up earlier to prep ourselves for the day, it's no easy feat to stick to newly set routines. Two weeks in the new year, succumbing to the usual regime becomes the viable option when deadlines and OTs start rolling in. Don't fret, as we have five products for you to nail the fashionably punctual look — without sacrificing that extra 15 minutes of rest we all need

Laneige Lip Card
Fold it, clamp down and pucker up. These disposable lip cards are your rush hour saviours  especially when you're running against the clock as lipstick application can be accomplished anytime, anywhere. Slip them in your back pocket, purse or even in your phone case for a convenient dash of colour. In 20 hues from nude beiges to vivid, electrifying purples, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to coating your lips in perfect sheen and shade.

laneige lip card ion orchard singapore

Sephora Collection Fingertip Eyeliner
Some swear by makeup application using their bare fingers while others stick to traditional brush strokes. A hectic morning leaves no room for decision-making so pick up this ingenious 2-in-1 fingertip eyeliner that promises the speediest crisp winged eyeliner you'll ever draw. Just slip your finger in the groove provided and precise lines will magically follow  it even works for ladies with a clumsy hand!

 sephora fingertip eyeliner 2018

Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint
Foregoing your brow game is non-negotiable even if you're pressed for time. For defined, naturally-coloured arches without sacrificing a fraction of your morning to shape your eyebrows, invest in this tinted peel-off brow gel instead. Waking up to immaculately groomed eyebrows is no longer a far-fetched dream. Swiftly apply it over your brows in your desired shape the night before and peel it off after 20 minutes.

maybelline tattoo brow gel tint 2018

Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler
Stubby and sparse eyelashes will always appreciate a good curl and a loaded coat of mascara. For a long-lasting oomph without tirelessly crimping your lashes at every angle, give this heated eyelash curler a try for curled lashes in seconds. This battery-operated eyelash curler guarantees no pulling, crimping or damage, though we wouldn't risk this in a crowded train... save this for Uber rides.
ardell heated eyelash curler
Becca Beach Lip and Blush Tint
A streamlined morning beauty routine isn't complete without tapping a natural wash of colour over the apples of your cheeks and lips. Bring a flush back to your skin with this oil-free and streak-free stain  it wouldn't be an overstatement if we said you can apply this with your eyes closed.

becca beach tint