How Shiseido designed the perfect skincare range for millennials

How Shiseido designed the perfect skincare range for millennials

Starting young

Text: Renée Batchelor

No, this isn't a gimmick. The top Japanese skincare brand has created a range that appeals to the younger set... but also works

If there was a buzzword to define 2017, it would be the 'M' word. Millennials are blamed for everything from being under-par and over-entitled workers to eating too much avocado toast. But maybe it's time for the younger ones to catch a break. After all, we live in a competitive and stressful environment, and millennials are entering a brave new world. Now skincare that is targetted at this generation may not sound particularly groundbreaking, but here's why we think Shiseido's new Waso range hits the nail on the head.

Designed for those in their late teens and early twenties, Waso captures a certain niche in the market — women who may not be dealing with oily skin and acne problems anymore, but are not quite ready to move into serious anti-ageing or brightening products just yet. And with the stress, long working hours and rising pollution levels that many young people face, it is important to note that biological age may not always correspond to how old you actually look or how much you've aged. Basically you may be 23 but have the skin of a 30 year-old! Did that get you worried? We thought so.

Waso shiseido

The tightly-edited collection of seven skincare essentials use plant extracts and natural ingredients to create simple but effective formulas based on the Japanese tradition of washoku, where ingredients are painstaking chosen and their flavour elevated. Among the seemingly everyday, but deceptively useful ingredients are carrot extracts — for more water — loquat leaf — for oil control, and soybean — for smoothing and supporting the skin. The Quick Gentle Cleanser meanwhile uses the antibacterial properties of honey to cleanse and moisturise skin. 

We were young once, so we know that when you're just building a proper regimen, the last thing you want is that heavy and greasy feeling on the skin, especially if you're layering on products. Products like the Fresh Jelly Lotion (to be used after cleansing) refreshes skin without feeling sticky, while the moisturisers in the range all feel ultra-lightweight and dry to a matte, comfortable finish upon application. The Soft + Cushy Polisher, as its name suggests, has a whipped tofu-like formula that feels bouncy and comfortable on the skin.

Millennials love technology because they grew up with it. So a range that appeals to them, better have some tricks up its sleeve. One of the niftiest products in the range is the Color-Smart Day Moisturizer that has a tint that adjusts according to your skin tone, hydrates skin and also gives adequate sun protection with an SPF of 30. Talk about the ultimate skin hack.

Does it make you a superficial person if your skincare has to look good, along with working well? Well Shiseido thought about that too, which is why the sleek shapes and the pastel and muted hues of the packaging — think oranges, mint greens, blues — are the kind that look good on beauty shelfies, tabletops and wherever you choose to whip them out.

Ranging in price from $40 for a cleanser to $55 for a moisturiser, the skincare is premium, but not crazily expensive. You'll be able to get a simple routine (that should last 2-3 months) for under $150. And if you're at the age where you're just starting work, investing in a proper skincare regimen is just another step into semi-adulthood.

From $40 to $55. At Shiseido counters now