Meet the fragrance duo inspired by Russia

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Meet the fragrance duo inspired by Russia
Giorgio Armani Privé introduces two intoxicating, new fragrances inspired by Mother Russia

If you want a truly special, precious scent, Giorgio Armani's Privé collection— previously created just for his close friends — is a good starting off point. And after gathering inspiration primarily from scented ingredients, like amber, rose and even leather, the range is now turning to the decidedly scentless malachite stone for its latest creation.

Inspired by Monsieur Armani's travels in Russia, the two, newest additions are part of the newly formed Collection des Terres Précieuses. Vert Malachite and Rouge Malachite are as rich and heady as their bottles suggest. First up, we have to mention the flaçons. In a world of peelable stickers and spray on gold paint, we are thoroughly impressed by the luxe, weighty finishes of these babies. Each red and green bottle has unique banding that is characteristic of the stone and closely resemble the rich, opulent material that is often used in Russian architecture and design. While green malachite is an actual stone, the red version in this case is imaginary, but wholly complementary in both its hue and concept. Vert Malachite is inspired by the vastness of Russia's lands, while Rouge Malachite, "pays homage to the beauty of Russian women and the strength of their temperament."

Malachite is not just any stone, but one that has been worshipped since ancient times by various civilisations from the the Egyptians and Greeks to the Romans. In Russian folklore, the stone has a special significance as it is believed to protect men from the blows of fate. Czars would soon adopt them as an ornament of choice in their royal residences. Giorgio Armani himself owns a piece of malachite and wanted to create a scent that paid tribute to the stone and the country which he deems, "vibrant [and] full of the most incredible energy." Since Armani's idea of Russia could not be encapsulated in just one scent, he created two.

Rouge Malachite Giorgio Armani Prive

Vert Malachite is a wonderfully balanced floral that is at once fresh and intoxicating. Despite its softness, it leaves a lingering trail. Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin invented a radiant, spicy lily, which formes the heart of Vert  Malachite. This is complemented by natural  essences  of bitter  orange,  pink  pepper,  ylang  ylang,  sambac  jasmine, and base notes of vanilla and  benzoin for that touch of richness.

Rouge Malachite, meanwhile, represents the colour red which in Russia, traditionally protects the crops and makes them fertile. As in most cultures, red is also a symbol of passion and power. We adore the carnal, fleshy, solar tuberose created by Pascal Gaurin. Balancing theis voluptuous flower, is clary sage essence, pink peppercorns, orange blossom, ylang ylang and sambac jasmine absolute. The fragrance is also grounded by cashmeran wood and benzoin resinoid. If you want a scent (or two) that looks impressive on your dressing table and surrounds you with a touch of mystique, these two new offerings are certainly worth a sniff.

$340 each. Available from March at the Giorgio Armani Privé counter in Tangs

Text: Renée Batchelor

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